Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Justa Trip to the Post office

I did it. I did it. (no I didn't go to the gym or pool) I left the house with my trusty sidekick Indy. We went to the post office it had been a couple of days didn't want all those political adds to fill up the box. On the way back Indy wanted me to stop at Dunkin Donuts really he did. I had to explain to him my goal of not spending any money, He took it well although I think he really wanted to go see if Rachel Ray was there. I've been doing the computer thing a majing thing all day again. I was going to say I have to get a life. But I have one this is it. Been spending some time reading that Greg Norman book. At first I was put off by how self serving it all seemed. I still am. But the Man does know how to promote his self . Maybe I'm just jealous. So my total spent today is $0.00. I'm going to make up for it Friday . Momma,Son Jeff and I are going out to lunch on Friday. See I told you we liked to eat out. It's been a while since we all went out to lunch so it will be nice.

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