Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Justa Dinner Out

I lied I did spend something today. It happened tonight when Cindy got home. I, Me, ole cheapo, tightwad extraordinaire suggested we go out to eat tonight. Momma didn't fight it to hard so we went out. We had a $25.00 gift card and a $4.00 off coupon for Red Lobster the bill came to $27.27. No charge there not bad. I tipped the girl the remaining on the card and $4.00 cash out of my pocket. It was an awesome meal. I had glazed Salmon, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli, and water. Cindy had Cajun chicken Alfredo. By the way the rolls are the best I've had anywhere. After that we went to Wegman's and bought stuff for tomorrows dinner in the Crock pot. Herb Chicken and Veggies over rice. mmmmm Total spent there was $9.18. So I know that once we start putting the budget on here things like this will jump out at us.

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