Sunday, January 13, 2008

Justa Another Sunday

I'm starting to get a feel for where I want to go with JustaKrusen. No where! That's right no where. I'm going to get on this o puter and just start rambling...... I feel better already. Cindy(momma) and I just got back from the dog park. We took Indy(Indiana Jones) dog 1 each. He did pretty good for his first time. He ran himself so hard there that he just threw up when he got home. I hate when that happens. Momma made me an eggslent omelet for breakfast today a lot cheaper than yesterday. Better too. Dinner is in the crock pot. I love crock pot meals. Some kind of roast beef or so. I was listening to the Syracuse basketball game but they're getting killed. We watched Chuck & Larry last night. It was pretty funny not a top ten or anything. Hey check out They have a few around town here, we went to P&C in Baldwinsville. It only cost a buck a night. That is'nt to bad for a dvd rental. If your in the mood you have to check out - personal blog of christian writer Katy McKenna Raymond in Kansas City, Missouri


Anonymous said...

At least I don't look like the other end.

Mark said...

I don't know look a little bit closer.