Monday, June 2, 2008

Justa moving and a groovin


That's right we're in full swing with the move.

Cindy and I are kicking ass and taking names. The Pod is almost half loaded, we have carried one million bins (Ok it only seems like one million) and stacked them and stuffed them into the front of the pod. Yesterday was a day of rest from blogging. But it sure wasn't a day of rest. We hit the ground running fairly early. Momma made a to die for breakfast of Bacon and Cheese Omlets and homemade Cinnamon & Raison bread. It was one of the best breakfast I've had in a while bar none. After that we spent most of the day tackling the Shed. Fortunately our next door neighbors Marsha & Dennis took a lot of the stuff that we were going to either throw away or take to good will. We also were able to throw quite a bit into the garbage dumpster. For a change one of our neighbors wasn't throwing away a chair or entertainment center and the thing wasn't  full as soon as the garbage men emptied it.

We still have quite a lot to throw out though

so Jeff is coming over probably on Weds and we'll make a dump run. Hopefully that is the only one we will have to make on the move. We are close to having everything packed that we can. We still have at least 3 weeks left so we can't pack to much more. We're pretty much down to just furniture to move and are saving the heavy stuff for the young bucks to move. I don't know about Cindy but I am definitely feeling the aches and pains from moving. My leg just holds me back so much and is frustrating to know end and every bone in my body is aching as I type this. I think I'll take a day or two off from loading and rest up some.

I'm taking my finger print test tomorrow

(Tuesday) for the new job. I'm getting more and more anxious as the start date is getting closer and closer. I'm not an Axe murder and haven't ever robbed a bank so the test should be a no brainer. I could start my new job on Thursday or Friday. I'll let you know next week what's going on there. I read Cindy post this morning before starting mine. She rambles on about how secretly I'm a nice guy. Don't believe a word she says. What in the heck is she trying to do ruin my reputation?

Today will be a good test to see how my recent

bout's of Anxiety is going. With everything going on I have had to take an Adavan once to settle it down, it frustrates me to no end having to take chemicals to balance things out in my body but it's just something I have to accept. My blood pressure the other day on the machine at Wally world was 134 over 84 not great but considering everything going on not to bad either. I don't know what it would be without the blood pressure medicine I'm on. So I will have to continue to be a walking Pharmaceutical machine. This is getting wordy so I'm going to end it here. Thanks for stopping buy have a great day.

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ladyjane64 said...

That new job is getting closer every day isn't it? Oh I left you a message over at zionorms.

Quinn said...

I'm pretty sure your not an axe murderer but I'm not sure about the bank robber ;) lol you might be hiding a "swag" bag somewhere hehe
Sound like your mother's breakfast is heavenly! We're not very inventive with breakfast over here though :(
I hope your leg doesn't play up too bad my knee does aswell when I don't warm it up before exercise or doing anything active like lifting boxes and stuff.
Oh yes and what do you mean by "the pod" sorry if i've misread

Mark Krusen said...

Sandy I responded back in the comments.

Quinn, When I say Momma it's not my mother. It's what I call my wife sometimes. LOL. That's from my trucking days.

A pod is what you load stuff that your moving into. I'll put some pictures up on tomorrow's post.