Sunday, April 6, 2008

Justa biting into an Elephant


Here are me and Carmel(Since moved on to his reward) Don't we just look like we are having a great time?

That's right folks Momma and I have taken the first huge bite of the Elephant(Before I lose some of you,You've heard the saying" How do you eat an Elephant"? Answer: One bite at a time!) Well back to the story.Momma and I have sliced off that first slice of the Elephant. Ok enough suspense. We have bought a brand new Double wide from G&I homes.You can see why we chose G&I right here It is going to be really tight the first few months. We didn't want to be house poor. But the payments for everything the house, land, improvements on the land, taxes and every other little thing you can think of and some that you can't come to $122,000 and some change.

That will leave our Mortgage right at $1,212.00. That's a little bit different than the $660.00 per month that we pay in Lot rent $300.00 and house payment $360.00 now. It just fits into our budget. Cindy's pay at her job is pretty decent, of course you always would like more, and my $1,600 per month from Workman's Compensation tossed in as a kicker and we have just enough to not eat Raman noodles every week.Not that there is any thing wrong with Raman Noodles mind you. Cindy and I,mainly because of her ability to magically pay bills with nothing fortunately have been living on less than we make for years. So although this house is a stretch from where we were house payment wise, it is still do able. But one thing. Billary if you are reading this post. Please don't call up asking for another donation.Take some more of that $100 million that you and Mr. Depends on what is is are making and pay for your lying (oops I mean campaigning) yourself.Mark lighten up on poor Hillary!!! Ok. No more politics it is Sunday after all.

Back to our adventure in House buying. Remember my discussion on our cut in pay last year? I won't go into detail on that again but if you don't know the story you can go here and read about it. As I've said above it's going to be tight. But as Mr 007 himself once said in a movie "It's do able". We've got just enough for the down payment and closing cost and a little bit more. It's those little things they keep throwing at you that you don't know about. I will with the help of Cindy try to tell you of our experience's in this little house buying journey. If your interested, and we hope you are, we in the interest of brevity are going to stop here in the story and pick up on it tomorrow. It has been "fun" so far. If you have time scroll down the page of at least a weeks worth of post to pick up on the story. Whew!! You should try living it. I'm justa saying!


Mark Krusen said...

Oh good Mark, I get to be the first one to comment again. I agree with everything you've written except one thing. You didn't mention Murphy yet. Is he going to get mention tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

wow...once again you are off on a little is like the proverbial flood gates..."once opened all the water has to come out" is a great idea and i or we, i guess i can speak for all of us( commenters and lurkers alike) wish you all the ride that river and see where it takes you...will this new purchace be in the park or have you secured a new location for the krusen household???we have finished our bathroom looks pretty good...i wasn't sure where my baby was going...opra thing..but it looks good...well thanks for the vine