Monday, April 7, 2008

Justa digging the weather


Finally spring has arrived in Upstate New York. I think the weather is supposed to be great into Thursday sometime. Just in time too. Cindy and I are readying the house for inspection by the dealer. The Manager from G&I homes will be coming by Wednesday to take pictures of the house inside and out. Cindy has been busting her butt by starting to declutter. Now that is an experience and a half, after 15 years. As for me to stay out of Momma's way in the house I have been puttering in the yard. I took what should have been an hour job into about a day and then some. My leg prevents me from going all gnarly on the yard like I would have in my younger days.(Insert whine here) I'm not complaining though, every day with Cindy is like a day of sunshine in its self.

I promised some on going information on our house buying experience. I'm not going to go into a whole lot of details until the end. I'll try to compile the journey into one post at the end that will sum it all up. Suffice it to say. That so far we have $1,125.00 of unplanned checks that we've written. We are bracing for more. You know they always come in a project of this size. We shall see. Speaking of a project of this size. I'm sure glad that Cindy is a good Manager. If a lot of these things were left for me to do or to Organize!! Well lets just say. "NOT SO MUCH!"

How bout those New York Yankees? It's to early to tell yet how they are going to do. Hey, at least they are not going to go 0 for 162.I haven't had a chance to check in on Joe Torre and the Dodgers. They are now a team I'm going to try to keep up with now that Joe is the Manager. Speaking of keep up with I had to ask my wife what the score of the Yankee game was. The kicker is. She knew it!!!! Now am I the luckiest guy in the World or what? What with the local Triple A team the Syracuse Chiefs putting a new grass field in, I might just try to go to a Game this year. Nothing like real grass fields to play baseball on. Heck maybe my best friend Shawn will get me a free ticket to the game. Now that is right in my price range. Free!! I'm justa saying!

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Mark Krusen said...

I agree with everything you said today Mark. Keep on keeping on! :)

Mark Krusen said...

Yes, I agree with it all too . ( This is Cindy writing to you >:) I love the Yankees, so my ears perk up when they mention the score. Hang on there Markie, get your white supervisors cap on and get ready to direct those of us who can walk around and move stuff. You can be the director. Love ya! Cin

Vered said...

"so far we have $1,125.00 of unplanned checks that we've written." Ha. there are always those unexpected expenses. Congrats on the house!

Mark Krusen said...

Vered,thanks for the comment. Are you laughing with us, or at us. :):)