Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm justa on my way.

100_0338 Now tell me that doesn't look like the next Problogger!

That's right watch out Darren Rowe

I have made $0.03 in my Internet marketing business. I checked my Ad sense account for the advertisements from Google. I have made a whopping $0.03 cents since I started blogging about 3 months ago. I fully expect to start getting book deals,offers to guest post, Heck I bet even Bill O'rielly will want to interview me now. Hey I know, I can write an ebook on how to make $0.03 in your Internet business in just three short months Keep your eye out for an announcement soon.

Now on an important note.

This is very important so get closer to the monitor so you can read this. My brother in law and I are having a contest to see who can be the first one of us, to get the first person from a country beside the United States to comment on their blog. So If one of you fine folks out side of the U.S. would be so kind. I would appreciate it . It is a little bit of a pain to comment. However once you are signed on,and you use the same computer the Blogger host will remember you the next time you come back and you won't have to go through the sign in again. Who know's maybe it could become a habit. :) Or I have another Idea, you could lie in your comment and say you are from Liverpool. You know there is a Liverpool overseas you know.Ok no cheating. Darnit, I hate that rule that says cheaters never win. We'll actually I don't... I bet my Brother in Law is calling all of his girl friends overseas now telling them to comment on his blog...

I had a visit with Pastor Carl from our Church yesterday


What ever they get paid is not enough. Can you imagine being closed in a room with me for almost an hour with no way to get out? We talked about my bi-polar disorder and the disaster that it can be if not monitored. He has some knowledge of the disorder and seemed ok with it. He didn't tell me not to come to church anyway. :) Not yet. It is early though. I just really like that church it's like coming home for a family reunion without all the baggage. The baggage is left outside


The value of being a part time blogger.

I read a really good post on this subject on embracing the status of being a part time blogger. I would be classified as very part time. From my income so far you can tell that It's a good thing I am part time and that my family is not counting on income from my blogging. It really does take years for us to go through the learning curve. I'm so new at this that I don't even know what I don't know. If you know what I mean?Daniel Socco, the editor of this blog goes into the finer points of being a part time blogger. If you haven't already, click on over to his blog."There are more than 50 million blogs worldwide. Every day 180,000 new blogs are created… that is 2 blogs every second. Quite astonishing for something that was almost non-existent a couple of years ago right?"

So in closing today

So in closing the blog today I have just one more thing to say. Be like the rest of us 50 million people out there in the Blogesphere and stop whinnying about things. Start a blog instead. I'm justa saying!



Mark Krusen said...

I waited awhile but I see that I am the first commenter again. I see your points and of course agree with everything your sayin. Why wouldn't I?

Mark Krusen said...

I am the second commenter, and I thank you for going to church, for talking so openly about everything, for your pecks at wisdom, your jabs of humor, and your unending trail of thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the ideas are way too much too fast, but they do tend to liven up a quiet day!
Love always, Cin