Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You've Justa gotta be kidding me!

If you've missed a day with Justakrusen.

Then you've missed a lot.Remember I told you we were getting a new double wide on land? Yes? Well no! We had to back out of the deal at the last minute. I had my Dr's appointment for my knee yesterday. At this meeting was Cindy and Myself, Dr.Raphel and Debbie my case manger representing the insurance company.

Cindy and I  went in to talk to Dr. Raphel first.

To make a long story short.(This will be a long story) Dr. Raphel read the results of the Physical Capacity Report from last week. The Bottom line is as we expected. "No more driving Tractor Trailer" for a living. Gone is my opportunity to make over $1,000 per week driving the fuel tanker. Granted I was half expecting this as the Dr. has been mentioning it as a strong possibility for some time now. Still though, it hits home when the "official" word comes down.

Debbie was brought in to the conversation at this point.

She was told of the findings of the test and the recommendations from Dr. Raphel relating to my situation. His findings are as follows; Permanent disability as it relates to my left knee, Partial restrictions in lifting,standing,bending, and lifting as it relates to the movement of my knee in said activities. He recommends that I sign up for Vesid. It is a state run program that will evaluate my abilities, train me, and assist me in finding another job. Not bad right?

Not so fast. After Dr. Raphel left the room.

(To attend to his next victim:)) Debbie, from the insurance company fame. Ask me what I want to do. I informed her that I would like to go the Vesid route. Debbie informed us that she would talk to my original case manager in Albany and find out what she would recommend from an insurance stand point. This is where it went down hill fast for me. Debbie informed us that the insurance company could come down on this in two ways. First they could agree with my going the Vesid route or the same type thing within their company or the next thing (which put the dampers on our home buying spree) they could elect to cut my benefits now that a finding has been reached.

This is where I hit the panic button and quickly moved to the "abort" button.

With out my pittance of $1,600 per month, Momma and I couldn't afford the move to a new double wide on land. It was not worth the risk of getting into the deal and not be able to get out.Momma made the necessary calls to get out of the deal. We had never been house poor in the past, and we weren't going to start now. So there you have it. If you miss a day of Justakrusen you've missed a lot. So hang on. There is always tomorrow. For Momma's take on this, go on over to her post on this, over at her site which you can reach by clicking HERE Thanks for stopping by again. I'm justa saying!


Mark Krusen said...

Ok I gave everyone all day to beat me commenting. Here I go again being the first commenter. Great post Mark. Keep it up.

Anonymous said... every life a little rain must fall....bull ...dude you are in a fricking flood zone...sorry i did not comment earlier...i drove in circles for 12 hours....249 miles...all right in front of the plant...sorry to hear about your bad day...that sucks...i will have to find out what chip is going to do with his house...he lives right around the corner from you...he bought a house in bayberry...i have to have my parathyroid removed...have a thyroid scan next week...ho boy....thanks for the vine