Saturday, March 1, 2008

Justa Celebration!

image Ok, I'm ready to tell ya about it. It is up and running and you can find it by clicking on the right side bar under other Justakrusen websites. What is it? It is my new blog using the WordPress domain. I'll try to have original content on a daily basis there also. If you have time stop over and check it out. I have a long way to go(as I do on this one also) in setting it up. At first blush, it seem like WordPress has a lot better functionality and room for expansion of the JustaKrusen Empire. Lol, isn't amazing how our minds can just take off and dream and what if's, and why not's, and maybe's,and if only's. Speaking of if only, If only I hadn't bought a $1.00 lottery ticket the other day when I was at the gas station... I wouldn't have won the $7.00 I won last night. That's right $7.00, now I am only $1,212.12 behind in lottery investments over the years. That's right I'm looking at it as an Investment. Let me explain. I buy a ticket maybe if I'm lucky and think about it once maybe twice a month. More if it's a big jackpot. That's not a whole lot of money. "1 dollar and a dream!" Hey I'll take that chance. They say that you have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than you do of winning the lottery. Well the way I look at it, I'm not going to stay inside just because I might get hit by lightning so I sure as heck better buy a lottery ticket to see which happens first. Do you see what I mean? If you do that's scary in itself.

I'm not doing any links today. Let me know if you like me doing links, are they helpful, are they informative, are they funny, or are they just a waste of both your and my time? Let me know.


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Anonymous said...

wel i am sorry i have been uncommenting....but to be onest i haven't had much to say...i totally enjoyed breakfast this morning...we always have a good time...time flys...sher got her new bras...but i guess that the whole world does not need to know that so please disregard that fact...we do love kohls...their prices are brand stuff at a k-mart price...i got some bllls stuff and my bride got well...i said we wouldn't mention her bras so i won't...i have a weekend is weird...there is nothing to do....which is cool...the rase is on and i really love the suround sound...i feel like i am sitting in the middle of the track...where i wouldn't want to accually be but it's still cool...we got the system at sears..some sumbeach returned it after the superbowl...salesman tells us this happens all the time...30 day money an expencive bigscreen and suround sound system...bring it back after the game...the nerve of some people...why didn't i think of that...the race is on and the toyotas are dropping like hate toyotas...well thanks for the vine

Mark said...

Well Mr.Jackofall58 You live? I'll cancel the hearse, all the flowers I got for your funeral,and the meat tray I ordered to be delivered to viewing. Here I thought you had gone on to your reward! We (Momma 1 each)had a great time at breakfast also.If I were you I would considering getting counseling for Sherri. (I think it's time for family intervention) I mean in just the last few day's she's ripping her pants off at Fastrac, Pulling her bra off at a customers, What's next? Running down main street Liverpool with nothing on but a smile? Come on now Thomas, face it we need some professional intervention here!!