Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Lime Green Drama Queen is alive and Well! Or Justa check this out.


Justakrusenville has once again been invaded by a foreign entity! That's right a female preteen has invaded the house. No Other than The lime Green Drama Queen. Aka,Courtney has taken time from her busy social schedule to visit again. It had even gotten so bad that I called her dad and asked him if she was mad at me? You never know. Can you believe that some people actually get mad at me? :)  Well Miss Courtney has done another great guest post. If I'm not careful pretty soon I'll be the one guest posting!

If your a Preteen girl, or I suppose a preteen boy too.(Some inside info guys)wants some information about that special time in a young girls life check out Courtney's post on the site. She is old beyond her years. Now Pete if you should happen to read this, don't take any offense(because none is meant) Courtney has, like my daughter and many kids before her have done, "Grown up in spite of her parenting" Miracles do happen. My Daughter Adrianne has grown up to be a beautiful, seemingly intelligent young woman. She is an RN at a hospital in Rochester, Ny. And believe me her parenting was definitely lacking,both from my side and her Mothers. I can talk about My first wife Dianne here. I mean what is she going to do? Divorce me again!

Speaking of saving money! Momma and I with the expert assistance of The Lime Green Drama Queen went shopping for Groceries at Save A Lot in Fulton last night. (And people say I don't know how to have a good time) In the interest of space and because Momma ordered me to, I'm not going to list each item from now on. Unless there is a public out cry of course. I am going to instead just give the total Items (25) and the total spent $33.30. That brings our total grocery expenditures for the week up to $36.30 . Not bad at all since we were spending $80.00 a week remember.

On the buying gas front I was over near Cicero Ny the other day and needed gas. The Stations over there were having a little mini gas war and the price for Regular Unleaded was $3.26.9 a gal. I was really low and would have liked to make it 9 miles over to Bj's on my way home. But I was chicken! Bawk, Bawk, Bawk! So I got it at a Hess gas station and headed home. I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to drive by the Bj's to check out the price. Yep! $3.21.9 per gallon. Yes it would have only saved me $0.70 per gal but do you realize that multiplied by 52 weeks in a year, times 20 more years,which is my life expectancy,  that would equal a savings in that period of time of $23.64 (if I did my math right) Heck, that would be almost a weeks worth of groceries! I'm justa saying!


mommy101 said...

you have way to much time on your to the lime greens account of preteen girls....have a great day.

Anonymous said...

wow..the lime greeny dramma winnie is getting to be quite the young mo has just started lacrosse try outs...they were told that there would be she is coming home dead a gg is back to work...earning her keep or in her case..cloths is working long hours at Family Video( yes thats Family Video at the corner of buckley and morgan...all the hits all the time..) sorry a little adver..need to keep the ky man workin...the j-ster is having a good semester...we are taking an art class..ya we...he comes up with the concepts...i come up with the know...collin...well he is collin..cable man extrordinare...and my natalia..the farmer of vermont...she had a bad day yesterday...cow stepped on her....and ...well... did you know you should never stand behind a cow when it sneezes...ya guess they pretty much clean out both ends on that...well lets just say her day with the ladies was ah.. krappy...and since i am going to live longer then you i figure that i could save maybe 30 bucks...ya thats some change...witch leads to another of my beliefs...if it costs less than a pizza..why worry about it...thanks for the vine

ladyinred1953 said...

It is amazing how the same thing costs different prices within a 9 mile stretch and how many choices we have in this spoiled society we live in. Back when I was a little girl- the grocery stores were just that- you got groceries at them-many were the lower level of the grocery owners home- with shelves close together, wooden floors that creaked, and paper signs in their windows. A heavy wooden door with a glass window, and a bell that dangled on a string and would jingle when the door opened or closed. Penny candy in glass jars, cinnamon toothpicks, fizzies, root beer popsicles. Yeah, those were the days.
If you wanted fuel, you went to the town gas station, and amazingly they fixed your car there too. Checked your oil, and windsheild fluid, cleaned your windshield while they put the fuel in ...and said thank you as you left!
The best part- they were closed on Sunday. Now it is roulette- where to choose to shop, to fuel, to eat? What looks like a good deal can be tarnished by just driving 9 miles down the road. Some places have no respect for the normal work hours and are open 24 hs a day, Sunday is now a day like any other days. It is a challenge to save the most money, when life makes spending it so easy! So be spend-thrift, be aware and tomorrow- take time to reflect on God,you,life and your family and friends. Thanks for all the wisdom, Cindy

Mark said...

Mommy101,Yes I do have to much time on my hands. Some one has to do it. It might as well be me.:)

Hey Jack. You and Mommy101 amaze me the way you take care of your brood,Both human and animal. You have hit the nail on the proverbial head with the break down of your kids activities and proclivities. It is an inspiration to Cindy and myself the way you both take care of your kids needs and wants and balance daily life in Gainesville, Ny.Just the way you handle drive way traffic patterns is a modern Miracle.

LadyinRed1953 if I wasn't already Married to you, I would Marry you again. I would gladly say again "With this Wing I thee Wed" in front of as many people as I had to. As the first day I said that in front of friends and family was one of the smartest and happiest days of my life.I think some one else said it first, but it still rings true today, "You had me at hello!"