Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Justa Trying some new Things

OK back to my old happy go lucky self. Enough pouting. Enough of my female hormones flaring up. Enough saying enough. Gentlemen, and Tom. Valentines day is coming up. check this post out. Be sure to scroll down to the frugal tips for Valentines day post.The Simple Dollar is one of my favorite blogs. Trent almost always has some useful content. I'm typing this post out on a Google Document. As you can tell from some past comments, I really like google. The only thing they don't do for you is make the meals.(But they'll show you how) Hopefully I'll remember how to do the links so I can start getting some decent content links for things I'm reading. Went to Chiropractor again today yanked me around a little more and wants me to go to gym for some work on leg besides pool. So starting tomorrow I'll add some machine work in.

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