Monday, February 4, 2008

Justa Demolition Derby

Hellooooo. Hellllloooo out there. Is any body there? The tree fell did anybody hear it? This is planet Earth!! Just wanted to see if anybody was out It really is ok that your the only one reading this Tom. I haven't progressed on this thing like I've wanted. I'm getting bogged down with reading and research and just haven't pinned down a niche. I might not have a niche, Maybe it's an itch. Went to Chrio again today. He said the adjustment held, my legs are at least even. I Just need to build strength in the leg. How bout those Ny Giants. Cindy and I did our taxes last night. We used Turbo Tax. They make it extremely easy. We made out pretty good this year because of the tax credit for Cindy's car. This will be the first time we've gotten back a good little amount that doesn't have to go to a Truck registration or expense. I may have spoken to soon. Murphy will find something to do with the money, won't he? We had our share of Murphy moments this year, let him hang out at someone elses house next year, I'm kicking him out. Watch out for that baboon Melanie in parking lots, she'll ram your car and just take off. You've got to ask Mel about it. Lol. Momma is calling for dinner got to go Taco salad tonight, ummmmm.

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jackofall58 said...

ya it is i...or me ..i'm never sure...remember those rules? her and me ..her and i..drop the her ..which one sounds right ...wel if you're ignorant ..both...damn...i probably used the wrong witch...which...i dont know..well any how ...YA!!! how bout "Your New York Giants"!!man-ning that was a good game...New England went from dynasty to dinasoir in an instant..the game was great but those last 2 mins. and 39 seconds...WOW...when tyree caught that pass after manning's greased pig move .... WOW... "it's a sad day in bean town" YES!!! and yes the fugitive called me ..." i don't see the big deal...i was coming right back...the guy was suck an a-h" ya the world acording to mel...i hooked her up with a lawyer..i should tell the lawyer " don't take a check"
well it has become part of my daily routine to check in...wish about 1000 others would start...but keep the faith...thanks for the vine