Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Justa wanna play Daddy!!

image Indi is an amazing dog. He listens very well does a few neat tricks and is exactly like having a 2 year old(as in baby) around. I've already told you I'm spending way to much time on the computer, wellll apparently Indi thinks so too. He will constantly bring his ball in and stand on his back legs and set the ball on the desk. This isn't bad enough, he has the nasty habit of rolling the ball around in his mouth for about 15 seconds getting it good an wet and slimy. Quite often I'll stop what I'm doing and go out in the other room and throw the ball. He'll play until he's tired himself out, which usually takes about 20 minutes. Ok, job done I played with my baby I can get back to "Work" now. Yep, you guessed it plopp, ball on desk!! The mutt would play ball all day long. I feel guilty but, we have to forcefully tell him NO. He then gets this look  100_0707 How can I say no. Very hard to be productive with these distractions. Maybe Cindy can take him to work with her. Hmmmmm. Oh, not only do I get harassed by Indi his partner in crime starts this stuff  100_0694 Now y

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ou tell me. How am I supposed to ignore a moon walking cat. So it may seem that all I do is sit at home and and watch Tv an eat bon bon's, in reality I have it pretty darn tough. It's a rough life but someone has to do it.

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