Friday, February 29, 2008

Justa Inspiration


I was born in Elimra, Ny so because of that I have the "Elmira Star Gazette" the local paper on my favorites list in my computer. I came across this story the other day. It has inspired me and I intend to do something to volunteer my time also. I'll post on that later. When Jeff was a youngster(as if 26 is old) he used to be a volunteer at the hospital in Fulton. Looking back on that Jeff, I know you got a lot out of that experience. I've got some free time now, so I'm going to follow up on this. I'm not sure what avenue to take, any one have any suggestions. Momma suggested maybe a senior citizens home. My fear is, that they would think I belonged there and wouldn't let me leave! Hmmmm. could Momma have an ulterior motive here?


Along this line of free time and or something to do. Sherri(and any one us who wants to check out this neat site about meeting up with other pug owners. It will take you to the pug meet up site directly. For other neat things to check out on that site go to their home page. I don't think I've done this yet but I personally want to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, it's an amazing place. "Thanks Al".

image Speaking of the Syracuse Orangemen. Man-isn'-it-frustrating to watch? They have so much talent. Granted they are a young team it just seems like to me that they JUST can't keep up the intensity level for a whole game. Granted their ranks are depleted because of injury's. In my opinion This is why they haven't won more of the close games. I'm Justa saying!!

I'm going to close this post today with something Momma shared with me from The Sermon at her Church last Sunday. The person speaking for the pastor said in his remarks: "You aren't what you think you are, But what you think about, you are." We can choose what we think about, put into our minds what we want and create our reality. Ain't God great?

image Cartoon by way of

I just wanted to close this post with a picture of Momma and me on a typical evening. Seize the day! PS. I finally got momma to let me put her picture up.I put it in the other blog. Get there via the link under Other Justakrusen blogs on the right side bar.

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