Sunday, February 24, 2008

Justa wondering why I'm in my" Place"?

100_0780 Hey Indi, why you being punished?

Yesterday you got to see me hard at work. Today I thought I'd let you meet two of our three kids still living at home. Imus(the cat) and Indi(the dog). The dog bed in the picture is Indi's "Place". That's where we send him when we sit down to eat so he doesn't bug us. In this picture it looks like Imus is consoling him. Hey Lenny, doesn't Indi look like a black Milo? We have to get our "kids" together to play. Let me know when.

I'm going to try to get Cindy to let me put a picture of her on here.That might take some doing. Bug her at work guys so that I'm not the only one lobbying. I think I stand a better chance of winning the lottery but we shall see.

I went out to see Jeff at his J-O-B last night-this morning. We had another lively discussion. There are times where I think we could sit down and talk for hours,we usually at some time in the conversation have to agree to disagree on some things. On most of, if not all the real important things I'd say we agree,wouldn't you Jeff? That being said, I think Jeff is one of those people that would definitely benefit from the policy laid forth in my about section of this blog.

100_0584 Uncle Mark, Thanks for putting me on your blog thingamajig

I would

be remiss if I didn't show you a picture of Jeff and Amanda's son (Badger).Look at that smile! Amanda,Imus and Indi insisted I put Badger's picture here if I was putting theirs in.

In closing, I have some great news for you lurkers out there, I have decided to suspend my policy of charging a $5.00 lurking fee. There are two reasons for this.

  1. Apparently no one is going to pay me this fee. I go to the mail box everyday and so far no checks.
  2. And secondly and more importantly.I think if I sent a bill to Jeff he would kick my___. Rhymes with gas.


Anonymous said...

place?? where do you think the dog would send us if they could... would we have a place...would he make us go lie on our bed or on his... if the dog had a choice where would he rather be....i think my jack would have some sort of butt near by....
it is funny that certain people don't want their picture...": i look horrible...i'm so fat in pictures....ect. ect.....your picture is only a freeze frame of what everybody sees everyday...i've come to realize that the camera does not make me gut makes me look fat...if my face is fat in a picture chances are it will be fat in a mirror too...but who is just a picture...the one who hates their picture taken is usually the one who brings the camera....but thats ok cause i know who you are and i know how you look...and i love you just the same...well the daogs are cute they don't care about their picture...hell they let you catch them naked....check out the package humans...well thanks for the vine

Mark said...

I laughed my butt of over your comment.That's the first thing I say when I see a picture of me too."I look fat in that picture". Your right I don't look fat. I AM FAT!! Ergo,thats why we're going to the gym 3 times a week. I like to tell people that tell me I'm fat. That "I can lose weight, but you'll always be ugly" Thanks for commenting again Tom.