Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Justa talking to some people lately

image I've been out wandering around the last few days talking to some people. It seems to me that the prevailing attitude is that things are getting kind of tough out there. Gas is high,the price of some food products are going up, because transportation cost for trucking in the food delivery system are skyrocketing. The Trucking companies have no choice but to pass on the higher price they are paying for Diesel fuel via of fuel surcharges. Guess who's paying for this? Tom is!! Thanks Tom. No, we all are,what can we do about it:

  • Stop eating. This is an option,however it would be hard one to sustain.
  • Stop driving our vehicles so much. This too can do. Long walk to work.
  • Turn our lights off more. Man I hate when I bump into the coffee table.
  • Dip into Savings. If you do that to much, then it ain't savings, it's gone.
  • Borrow from Tom. Hey Tom....
  • Use Credit card. This works as long as you pay it off at end of the month.

I could start rambling on(which I am wont to do from time to time) but Xin Lu over at Wise Bread says it so much better than I would and it saves me some typing. It's some really great advice, check her out.


Your going to think I'm reallyyyyy lazy but I wanted to share with you what Heidi over at Banker Girl says about this subject also. They both did a lot of research on the subject and make an excellent read and a real life way to work on our money problems.


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Anonymous said...

wow...word verification...we have security issues???...well as for your advise...the wife and i were just discussing that if gass gets any higher it would be cheaper to buy one of those little eco-cars...sometimes known as little death traps..but hey you got to sacrifice...as for barrowing money from me...bring it on...i'll have to forclose and then i can feel like a real republican...all i'll need after that is an affair with some lobbiest....man i can feel the pompas butt growing just thinking about it...stocks and bonds..stocks and bonds it like a rich mans wet dream...the wife and i have switched all our lights over to floresents...they save big in wattage...and hey you are all the reading i need ...thanks for the vine