Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just-a-lazy Saturday

Today has been an okay day- this is the guest blogger "momma" here. We went to breakfast this morning at a small restaurant in Phoenix. We like going to the mom and pop type places instead of the massive cookie cutter chain places.America was founded and made by mom and pop businesses,and Mc Donalds. Speaking of Mc Donalds- it brings back a warm memory. There was a time when my mom would take all 6 of us kids( ages 2 to 13) to a night out treat. We would all pile in her 1959 chevy grey station wagon and go to Mc Donalds. For less the 50 cents each , we got fries , a hamburger and a soda, and a bundle of memories that would last for years. We would lower the station wagon hatch in the back, and squeeze our 6 butts on the tailgate, awaiting the bag full of warm food. We would laugh, smile and thought we were pretty special to go out for that Friday night treat. It was two years after my dad had died,and mom was trying to give us some special times when she could.She was a stay at home mom until he died, then she was determined to become a teacher, so she went to SU and studied hard and fast. She would stay at the library to study between classes, and study at home too. We knew we had to do the best we could to help her around the house. These Friday night treats were a time the world as we knew it stopped- we were all together, shooing bugs from our faces, sharing each others company. As I look at life now, it seems we are all traveling around doing stuff... then too pooped at night to enjoy each other. My Saturday morning breakfast out with my husband, well that is a time, just like those Friday nights from long ago, when the world stops, the treadmill of life goes at a snails pace, and it is just us, at a moment of time, talking, reflecting and recharging. We all need these moments, life comes at us fast, and passes faster. Until later, the guest blogger.. momma is off..over and out :)

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Anonymous said...

dump the other guy. i was touched. it's funny how we forget those little things. that computer of a brain of ours just stuff them in a corner somewhere. sudenly something happens and there they are. BAM i,m 7 on the tailgate of moms car, sitting in front of carrols. i remember how thrilled i was when mom bought me the "club burger". at seven i couldn't finish the damn thing but what a treat. and then there was the old 59, we would fight over who sat in the back. u see there was " the tickle bridge" an old bridge on buckly road that was probably way past the condemnation state. the back seat of the old 59 wagon faced backwards. if you kneeled on the seat with your toes burried in the seam of the two seat halves(wow there is a safty issue) as mom flew(mom always flew, anothyer safty issue) over the rise and fall "tickle bridge" you got today it seems so foolish but then when your seven. hehehehe it tickled.hey thanks for the vine,