Thursday, January 24, 2008

Im Justa Saying

Momma and I were commiserating (No Donna that has nothing to do with the nasty!) this morning at the breakfast table. Our conversation centered around commuting times: Me"You leave to early for work,it's only a 25 minute trip" Her:"It depends on traffic the best time is to leave before everyone else a few minutes makes a big difference."This prompted me to go to the WWW for some intellectual gymnastics.I promise not to hurt my self! I found this article about a group of people who have formed a group that travel quite a ways to work,Bus Buddies are part of the fastest-growing group of work travelers in the country, people who rarely see their houses in daylight, leave home when their kids are still asleep, and mainline Red Bull just to stay awake. They're known as extreme commuters. They spend at least a month of their lives each year traveling a minimum of an hour-and-a-half to work and back, vs. the U.S. average of 50 minutes. Their ranks have jumped an astounding 95% since 1990, according to the Census Bureau, accounting for 3.4 million workers Source Business week Feb 21, 2005 Actually Cindy isn't an extreme commuter in every since of the word but in my opinion she is a EXTREMEleyer worker than she has to be. In that using a simple calculation 45min(her time of commute)x 5days per week x 50 weeks = 7 hours a week that she is driving back and forth to work, MOMMA,that's a whole day of work your spending driving back and forth to work. I propose a later leave time of only 15 minutes witch (I'll leave the math out) means you can spend more time with your honies (me) of 21/2 hrs per week. This was a long drawn out way of saying "Hurry up and win the lotto."

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