Sunday, January 27, 2008

Justa Premonition

Watched the movie Premonition at Jeff & Amanda's house last night. If any body out there has an idea what happened at the end let us know in the comments. The longer the movie went on the more confused I got. (That probably doesn't surprise most of you) It was a good time, Momma made some home made Pizza and a salad and we hot footed it to the kids house, It doesn't get any better than Thissss. I've started investigating the possibility of selling my Upper Deck Baseball card set from 1989,1990,1991 they are all in binders and sleeves. Some initial indications are that some people are selling sets like these for about $200.00. Under the right circumstances I might sell them, however if they have appreciated that much, I may just continue to hang on to them. Things you might not know about the canidates: Mike Huckabee who lost 110lbs while he was the govenor of Arkansas has run in four Marathons with a personal best of 4 hrs 20 min. Just thought you might want to know.

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