Friday, January 25, 2008

Justa another wa wa !

Well I got in trouble. Yep I know it’s hard to believe! Momma basically told me to kiss her fanny. Not in so many words, but she told me where her fanny was and pointed to my lips. It appears that she is going to leave for work when ever she wants to as she just left an it’s 6:15am. (Not only that but she hasn’t bought a lotto ticket yet. Today was my last massage. I believe I’m going to be starting to see the chiropractor next Friday, it appears I’m slated to see every practitioner type in the city. On a note from yesterdays post, The average commute time in Syracuse area is 17 minutes. So that means momma has to move out because she works too far away from the city.

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Anonymous said...

Just-a-workinn late. oh now you done it ... you got momma mad at you.... thats ok... she won't stay mad for long. hello oh blog king.. the cool thing about a blog is you can shear your trouble with others. i now know that you are in deep dew-dew and feel your pain... i also can bask in the comforting thought ..better you then me :) 17 minutes to work...mine is 22... oh well must run in the fam. well it's 2:15 in the morning and i'm borred poopless( i'm trying to keep it clean) ( is poopless clean?? hmm) well my daughter is baby sitting the niese and she is texting me to keep her mind busy. cool cause it is helping to keep me awake. hey thanks for the vine!! i kwow that i could do this ifn i could sit down for 5 minutes.