Monday, January 21, 2008

Im Justa Asking

Not much going on today. The sound isn't working on the computer. I called the guy at the computer store told him I didn't think the sound card was installed, so I get to bring it in tomorrow for check up. Why don't things work the way they're supposed to when you bring them home? I'm just asking. Why did New Yorkers vote in Billary? I'm just asking. Why did the Yankees not keep Joe Torre? I'm just asking. Why won't any body comment on this blog. I'm just asking. Went to my massage today. I have one more left two at the most. I think she's going to ask Workman's comp if I can have a few more sessions we shall see. I get to go to a birthday party today Danielle is ?yrs old. I can't even keep track of my age I sure ain't going to be able to keep track of nieces and nephews (That is one of mommas jobs) To my sister Donna. If you don't put a comment up on this blog I'm going to start talking about you. Now back to regular programming. . Why do we say they all the time when we are trying to get something?IE They said, but they get to, they want me to. Who are these they people? I'm just asking. By the way they say that by the year 2040 something that Social Security will run out of money. There they go again. You people are going to be in trouble when I learn how to hyperlink. I'll actually be able to link to some of the things that they say.

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