Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Justa an Awesome day! Not

The Simple Dollar » Building a Better Blog for 2007: Essential Reading I'm just starting to read this material. I should have read this before I even started. Trent is a very good blogger and always has great content on his blog. I'm still wandering around with this thing(The Blog) There are so many awesome blogs out there, it's kind of intimidating. Took the tower into the computer repair guru. Dropped it off, he said he would call when it was done. Went to lunch with momma (I know, I know) . On way back home from there guru guy called. "You're sound is fixed come and get it." I'm sure I heard him right because when I got there the tower was ready to go. However, when I got it home, hooked it up,and started it back up. It didn't work. Urghhhhhhhhh!!! I may have hooked it back up wrong.(I have been known to make a mistake or two or three or...more in my day). So I am waiting for momma aka Mrs.fix it to return to her castle from her place of employ to save the day. More on that later. Notice I haven't been mentioning $ lately? I decided since I wasn't a financial type person and because I wasn't going to change anyway, why embarasssss my self with my money Fau Paus? As to an area of expertise that I may have. I used to be a pretty good truck driver, IE, I made my appts on time, didn't tear up the equipment to bad(there were some boo boo's) , and didn't make to many of the receiving clerks to mad at me that after 34 years I must have some expertise in that, or so you would think!! Sooooo, I'm going to write about that some. Starting tommorow I'll be covering some interesting tidbits I have collected as it relates to trucking.

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