Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mrs Justa and The hour glass

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Have you ever been doing something that had to be completed before the hour glass was done emptying? Did you ever play a game using an hour glass? As the sand is almost gone, the nerves increase.

Like in the Wizard of Oz when there was the huge hour glass imagein the wicked witches creepy room.

I had a game once that used an hour glass, and I had to get all the pieces in the puzzle before the hour glass finished. The anxiousness of running out of time made me feel anxious, shaky.

Well that is how I feel as election day is finally less then 48 hrs away. At this time in 2 days we will be getting to the end of our chances to vote.

I am nervous that people are not going to vote--PLEASE vote.

I am anxious that people have not really looked at the candidates.

I personally am not going to vote for a party, but for the people running. The sand is slowly going from one end to the other of the hour glass, and the weather - at least in the Northeast look like it will be great for Tuesday.

So please everyone, lets make sure nothing gets in our way. Do not become apathetic. And vote for the person who you truly believe has a track record of doing things for this country and for the person you believe will help this country become stronger and more financially secure. Peace, and faith to all of you. CIndy


Immi said...

I'm ready. Beyond ready. I can't wait to vote and get it behind me.

preciousrock said...

Don't worry mom! I'm getting up early on Tuesday morning so I can vote before work and I'm not voting for any Dumocrats or Dumocratic propositions, lol.

Mark Krusen said...

Oh me too!!!!I am saddened the Barack's grandmother died the night of the election, but I am not going to let my emotions sway the way of my conscience. The way I vote will be a cause of my inner strength and beliefs. Let's all pray for the USA and the voters. Tomorrow at 6AM I will be at the polls, and it will be done as far as my vote goes. Thanks for your comment :) Mrs Justa

Mark Krusen said...

Precious, I am gladdened by your comment. ( Is gladdened a word?) If not, well we just made it up !
And I will be there too. I went on the board of elections web site and verified that Mark and I are set for our new address polling place. And we are. I can look out our front window, and with the leave gone off the trees, we can see the polling spot- right next to the corn field. Ya gotta love it ! Hee Haw, redneck land and all. Thanks precious, Love always, Cindy- Mrs Justa