Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mrs Justa and anger

"Anyone who angers you conquers your mind" (Mothers advice to Sister Elizabeth Kenny) Whoa, that is something I am pondering.

My mind has been conquered a few times in my life. And it was hard to get it back on course. I saw this photo on goggle images and it really fits what I feel from this quote.


I have had people in my life, that have really weakened me to feel anger. Feel such anger that I may think a four letter word or two. Anger that has made me curse out loud, or scream to the point of choking.

Anger that has made me feel all trembling inside , and my hands are actually shaking. But I never looked at it as conquering my mind, but it does. It takes me to places I do not like to be in my world of emotions.

I do not get angry very often now, although I have had instances where a person is just down right nasty and cruel to me, and I feel the anger inside, I keep it there, and sometimes it feels like my head will explode.

When I was younger, so many years ago, I showed my anger, I would grit my teeth together so hard I would think they would crack, or I would actually pull out a clump of my own hair ( what sense does that make?? I should have pulled the other person's hair out!) I have wanted to chase that jerk who cut me off down the highway, but I don't. Yes anger, if we let it can conquer our who being. So now it is time to deep breathe, ahhh, count to ten, ahh, and proceed in a harmonious manner in life. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Love Mrs Justa

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preciousrock said...

My Dear Mrs. Justa,
Great Post!! I'm trying to control my anger and not grit my teeth while watching the election results! Grrrrrr