Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mrs Justa and new beginnings


All people sick of the way things are- raise your hand. Hold that hand high and say we need a change. Tired of the high taxes, the high fuel costs, the companies leaving the US of A and discarding their devoted employees like used tissues. Hold up that hand and show your desire for better days ahead, for not fearing the utility bill, not feeling used when you go to the store.

And then look at where we are. We are at another one of those "new beginning" times in our lives. A new time in history. The first black president.Not who got my vote, but it is over and we have to come together and rally as a country.  He is a very intelligent person, His college education speaks for itself. He has nice teeth, a warm smile. And I think the dude will age a bit in the ol oval office. You gotta be nuts to want to be president! Look at all the crap they have to deal with.  

I hate dealing with politics of every day life in the very small level I deal with. Can you imagine having to deal with senators, congress folks, all those secret service folks watching every move you make.

You can't sneeze without a bunch of secret service offering you a tissue. And what about if you have one of those annoying itches- you have no where to go to scratch it. DO they stand outside your bathroom door waiting for you to come out?

I wonder if they tell you what to wear? How to eat? Nope, I will take the day to day politics of driving from point A to point B, the people in the store, or the folks I run across. Low key, few disruptions, and time to belt out songs in my car ALONE on my way to and from work. More power to you, Mr President. Love Mrs Justa.

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