Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mrs Justa and typical Monday

Mondays, why do they always have the tendency to have things go wrong.

100_1736I may spill my coffee on my way to my car, or I get behind every school bus on my 35 miles of rural routes to work , or my "tire low light" comes on on my dash in the middle of no where, or 3 people call in sick. This past Monday I had on a white sweater, I had gone to the cafe to make my lunch, I had my instant oatmeal and added it to a cup put hot water in it and carefully covered it with a paper towel. On the way up the stair to go work thru my lunch, somehow the hot maple and brown sugar oatmealy water spilled all over my white sweater. Well it looked like a cow pooped on my chest. So I went in the bathroom, took off my sweater and washed it in the sink, tried to dry it with paper towel ( the cheap kind) and sat shivering for the good part of the afternoon. MONDAYS!!!

The worse Monday pits however is car trouble.

This is a photo of one of my dearest friends, and she also works with me. She had this car that was beginning to cause her some heartache, and on a Monday not so long ago, I answered my phone at work, only to find out is was AAA calling. The lady on the phone told me that my friend asked them to call me to say she was going to be late for work, and that she had broken down a few miles from work. She told me my friend seemed pretty upset and worried.

This street is a very busy street, and has no shoulders.

So in the right lane ( far left in this photo) lane, with absolutely no electrical power, her car sits. AAA was sending a patrol car out to sit behind her car, as she had not flashers, but they had not yet arrived at the time I arrived to be with her.

We stayed on the lawn next to the car, because there was no way for anyone coming up on the car to know it was stopped at first.

I felt bad for my friend, she had no cell phone,

and had to use a passer by's phone to even call for help. She is a good person, and would give you the shirt off her back, she has a dry sense of humor, and sometimes she will talk in a riddle. I have known her since 1989. She is a blessing. She has been there thru many ups and downs. I did not think twice when she was stranded, I told the team I would be back in a few, and I was going to go stand with Her as we waited for the tow truck. Mondays,,,, they can suck... but true friends help make Mondays better. I hope when you have a Monday, you have a friend to share it with:) Love to all, Mrs Justa.


preciousrock said...

I always spill my coffee -- on the way to the car, in the car, at home, at work -- everywhere. Have coffee stains on almost everything I own, lol.

Mark Krusen said...

Oh me too. Mark teases me about things spilled on the front of me. I tell him it is tough at times not to.
Coffee is the pits, won't come out of certain materials. :) Cindy