Monday, November 3, 2008

Mrs Justa and missing my mom and dad

Whoa November 3rd is a date of many emotions. In 1963 my father died, the same second my youngest sister was born. So she brought us joy in a time of terrible loss. I was ten at the time, I had just turned ten on October 19th. El Capitan It was on my 10th birthday that my dad had stayed home from his traveling salesman job and went to a doctor, thinking he had the flu. I went to school, kinda glad that dad was sick, cuz that meant he would be home for my birthday, instead of traveling for many days and nights.

Well, when I came home, he was not there, he had been admitted to a hospital because the "flu" was really a heart attack. My mom was very pregnant, and she had all 5 of us home alone with her. We spent the next 2 + weeks traveling to the hospital so she could visit and we hung out in a waiting room lobby area on the first floor.

Well November 2nd came and we got to see him. He was coming home the next morning. We laughed, we were thrilled. But at 1100 that night my mom went into labor, my oldest sister came home from nursing school to watch us as a neighbor rushed my mom to the hospital.

The next morning, a phone call, and we found out our dad was not coming home, he had died. Then we called the hospital my mom was at, and told them to relay the message that her husband had died, it was then we found out we had a sister .

35 years later in life, to the day, my mom was in Germany visiting people she had never meant before. People she found to have ties to her roots. My mo was an illegitimate child from 1921, and finally found a possible connection to the past she never knew. November third, the phone rings at around 5:30 in the morning. It was weird, like maybe it was mom saying hello on this day of joy and sadness. But instead it was a call to say my mom had died , November 3rd, in her sleep , in Germany, at the home of the relative she never knew she had until then. A perfect circle, a perfect ending to an unusual story. I miss you mom, so very much... I miss you dad more then you will ever know.. and I love you sis on this special day. Love to all, Cindy

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preciousrock said...

Hugs to you, Mrs. Justa, on this "special" day. Thanks for being you! Love, PR

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks PR, I appreciate it ! hey notice the time? It is 5:55 Am, I am in red white and blue, and am about to march on over and cast my vote as I stand at the side of Mr Justa. Love cindy

preciousrock said...

Hey Cindy, speaking of Mr. Justa. Tell him I'm going to paper your house with Dumocratic candidate signs next election if he doesn't get his booty back on the computer soon! I MISS HIM!!

It took me an hour to wait in line and vote this morning at 6 a.m. Wow! Hope you got through faster.

Mark Krusen said...

PR, I relayed your message, he smiled. We got there about 6:15, and there were may 4-6 people there. Zoom zoom, click click click and off we went. I dropped Mr J home and I headed into work.
Justa got home about 15 minutes ago. I am so glad I voted with Mark this AM. We were talking and this is maybe the second time we have voted together. He used to be doing the absentee ballot, as he was pounding the highways of this great nation of ours. Cindy