Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mrs Justa and the first day at a new job

Okay, so here I go again with my mind pondering. I was reflecting on my 45 minute ride home today about jobs I have had. And orientation for them. The feeling the night before I was starting a new job. The feeling that very first time I walked into that new job. image And training for my new job. Some jobs the training was pretty quick, working at Carol's Restaurant, at Pizio's Italian Restaurant. That training was pretty quick.

Working in photo finishing, that was much more involved and lasted for a few weeks. Nursing, wow that was 2 1/2 yrs of school, and clinicals on the various types of medical floors, but that first day as a new graduate nurse, walking onto that med surg floor, wow, that was scary, and I had an orientor...somewhere. That first day we had call-ins- so the utopian moment in my mind of starting with 2 patients and learning how to manage the days, gradually increasing in the patient load--well I ended up with 9 patients! And my orientor had the next nine. I call it baptism by fire.

Where I am now, we gradually train people, make sure they feel comfortable as they learn new things and they have an orientor for 3 mos. After that they have a team of nurses always available to answer questions, trouble shoot.

Now comes my pondering-- imagine you are at the new job as President of the USA. There is no one shadowing you, guiding you, one day you are not and the next day you are.

Barack got briefed today... man I think I would want more then a briefing. Tomorrow he gets a tour of the White House by President Bush. Not for nothing, but that must be surreal, scary, to know all the secrets of the world, and be told ..."no one knows this but a few people". Who is your orientor? The president packs up and leaves when he is through. I am feeling scared for Barack ! I have butterflies in my stomach, just thinking about how it would feel that night before taking the baton, and then the first day you would walk into the oval office, and be all alone. Yikes... who in their right mind would want to go through 2 1/2 yrs of accusations, of nasty comments, and then poof,,,, alone in that big white house, with millions of people under you.  And watching the guy who was just in this job, walk out of that big white house and go into the sunset.

I am freaking myself out. think about it.... all I can say better them then me!. Love Mrs Justa

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