Monday, April 14, 2008

Not Justa nother road trip


Cindy and I jumped in the car Sunday morning

about 08:30 and headed south. We went to Elmira, Ny to see my mother Pat Krusen.This was the birthplace of Justakrusen. If you need to blame someone for unleashing me unto an unsuspecting world you can blame my Mommy(she hates when I call her that)She won't ever find out because she wouldn't know how to sign on to a computer if her life depended on it. She is 73years young and still working 3 days a week.Donna,(My favorite sister)have you ever seen mom smile? I think this is the closest she has come in a lot of years.

Speaking of of favorite sisters

Cindy got a picture of Donna & her husband Steve.Now if they're ever was a man that deserved a medal for valor in the face of extreme abuse, it would have to go to Steve.(Doesn't he just look like he is under duress?)100_1023 Hey guys this is an awesome picture of you two. We are going to be sending a couple of the pictures that we took of you guys.Like I told you. Just think some one from across the pond could see your guys picture and be inspired by your guys 36 years of marriage. Steve. We now have proof on film of the abuse.:) Donna.You and Steve have a very comfortable, inviting and homey feeling little slice of Heaven there.

Thanks, for putting up with the abuse of a big brother all these years. (If I'm picking on you, I'm leaving some one else alone)We also got a picture of Stephanie(One of Steve and Donna's daughters) and her two boys Jake on the left and Kyle on the right.100_1024 We had a really great visit. Donna was rationing the soda to me. I was going to drink every soda in the place out of spite.It's bad enough the two glasses I had meant an extra bathroom break.

Family is very important.Steve and Donna and their immediate family are a tight family unit. They do family like family is supposed to be done. The head honcho is Donna.Steve is the strong supporting role and everyone else falls into place. Steve and Donna you're an inspiration to me. If I ever grow up I hope to be just like you. Donna,You know that our side of the family isn't the Ozzie and Harriet version of life.(You know they say you can't pick your relatives) But if I had to pick a little sister. She would be just like you. Love Mark. I'm Justa saying!


Mark Krusen said...

I gave everyone a five hour head start. I won. I'm the first to comment. I'm going to have to have a contest to be the first one to comment wins a $1,000.00. My luck I would forget and I'd have to pay my brother in Law the money.

CRAIG & DIANE said...

Seems to be a trend on the blogs of people writing about family the last couple of days. Love the pictures, and your sense of humor. I'll be keeping an eye out for that contest, could always use some spare change :-)

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for the comment Diane. I've been so busy with everything going on lately that I haven't been over to see how you guys are doing. Poof. I'm going there right now.

Anonymous said...

wow...i'm touched...well we all know that...funny my daughter natalie is in town for a couple is always nice to see her...we want cory her bo to cover our porch...need to get a permit....will keep you for your trip ...coool...out of the blue trips are cool...i think your ozzsie and harriet crack was cute,...but what does that you...rosanne and dan...haha that was funny....your sister has that"when the hell is he going to leave" look....go figure...thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...

Ps. About that $1,000.00 I'm saving the loose change I find on the ground for that very contest now. :)

Mark Krusen said...

Tom. I get that look from a lot of people. :) I just ignore it. Yeah I stopped by your house today. I read your post and wanted to stop in and say hi. Cory was trying to recruit me to help. Remind him you want the room to stand for more than a week. :)