Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Justa follow your heart

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I don't know that I carry my heart in my hand.

But I have been know to wear it on my sleeve. There are sometimes that I'm my own worst enemy. By that I mean. Rather than be quite when I see something I don't agree with, I usually speak up. I don't follow the "Let go and Let God" train of thought when I should. There have been some times in my life where I should have listened to the words from the song when "You say it best you say nothing at all" if you know what I mean? That being said I am working on it. I find that I learn much faster when I listen more. After all God gave us one mouth and two ears for a reason, don't cha  know! :)


I don't know why but I'm in a hearty kind of mood today.

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The weather is going to be awesome by this afternoon. I may just take little ole me down to Onondaga Park with a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and sit on a park bench an contemplate my Navel. Ok, I'll leave my Navel alone. But it is time for me to justa sit and take in what beauty there is around me. If I'm real lucky I will see something like thisimage. Just look at the sunshine off the water. Look at the rippling waves. Oh yeah there is that Island again. Hey I remember this picture . This is the same picture that got me a week on the couch last time I used it.Can anyone out there tell me why my wife would be mad at me for enjoying a beautiful sunset, or the ripple of a wave onto the beach. Look at that, you can almost see the texture of the sand. It's amazing. Gods handiwork truly is amazing. Is it any wonder he had to rest on the 7th day.

Another heart event for me today is a heart

wrenching story that developed overnight in the town of Dewitt. Last night I stopped over to see our son Jeff as he worked the Over night shift as an "Officer of the Law". His assignment was to block the west bound lane of Rte 92 coming out of Manlius. He had to do this because there was a fatal accident where the Dewitt police had to work the scene for 6 hours to investigate. There was a fatal accident. Those of you local to the Syracuse, Ny area may have heard about it. Apparently some one fell a sleep and drifted into the on coming lane of traffic killing a man that was just minding his own business on his way to who knows where. In the back seat of his car were 3 baby car seats. All empty, thank God,but none the less. That's 3 kids that won't have him around any more. There are more details to come out of course. But just that one fact of how the 3 kids will be affected now. It wrenches the heart doesn't it? Have you told your Significant other, your mother, your father, your son, your daughter that you loved them today? I'm justa asking?


Anonymous said... are going from subject to subject...i will try to follow suit....i have also been known to carry body parts in the wrong place...but in my case it is usually my foot in my mouth...toe jam is a condoment to me...and yes i agree with you on those lovely waiving ripples....i would need to rest also if i spent seven days with that textured sand....yes i could get lost in that very shot...
it is unfurtunate that accidents happen but due to our human imperfections and interactions they life is lost and those left behind, including the taker of that life must deal with the conciquences, and the guilt...there was that family on the way to disney last week...a car traveling the wrong way on I-95 has ever changed their lives....a 14 year old girl is dead and the mother is clinging to life because some .....thing....could not control his own life and for the rest of it will have to deal with the taking of another.....yes i would like to join you with that cup of coffee and watch lifes beauty, in all its glory ...go by thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...

Tom thanks for the comment. I made the mistake of taking Indy on my journey. It went less than planned. When we got to the park. Indy went bananas. So I just turned around and came home. My next trip will be with Indy in his "house" and me enjoying the scenery without Indy. Oh well. I tried.

I heard about that other accident too. It just makes you wonder. Makes you want to be more aware.

Speaking of being aware. Did you see the range in gas prices around Syracuse from $3.32 per gal to $3.59 per gal. Can you see Gouging?