Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Justa looking for a Niche?




Good Question!

joke from my friends at Arcamax. Picture by Cindy. Man can she run fast!

Bob couldn't believe it -- he'd made it to the last round of his favorite game show. "Congratulations, Bob," said the emcee. "Answer correctly and you go home with five million dollars!

"This is a two-part question on American history," he continued. "The second half of the question is always easier. Which part would you like first?"

Bob figured he'd play it safe. "I think I'll try the second part of the question first."

The emcee nodded approvingly, while the audience was silent with anticipation.

"Okay, Bob, here is your question: And in what year did it happen?"

And you thought you were having a tough day!

I go to a lot of different blogs every day

Some of them I go on because I'm subscribed to the email feed and it just reminds me to check in with their updated post. I'm constantly amazed at the talent of people to express themselves and to assimilate the information that helps us all on a daily basis. I thought I'd do a who's who of Blogs that I check in with from time to time. In no particular order is:

  • Tom Stine.com Tom has become a fast friend on the Internet. I look forward to his updates and often engage in quite interesting discussions with Tom and his growing list of commenter's. If you want to check out Spirituality ,Awakening and Personal Growth, check out his site.
  • The Simple Dollar Financial talk for the rest of us. Check out Trent's  Rss Feedburner numbers on the upper right of his blog. That's not why I read his blog. Every day Trent has useful, thought provoking ,and in my opinion valuable information that will save us money. I'm also subscribed to his email updates. (Are you seeing a trend here?)
  • The Growing Life Alternative Productivity, Anti-Hacks for living. Clay is a wise beyond his years guy that is going to show us how to hack in to life on a daily basis. I'm subscribed into his email feed and wouldn't want to miss a day of his take on life.
  • Mrs. Micah Mrs.Micah is another one that I don't miss. I read her post everyday. She's a very good writer and entertaining and informative. A real fun read.
  • Garry Conn If you want to learn how to start and run an Internet business, this is a have to subscribe to site.Garry is the first of the "A" list bloggers that personally reached out to me with an email in answer to an email that I sent to him. Garry never has forgotten where he came from. I am grateful for the personal touch. Garry if you read this. I saved and framed your email to me. It sits in my office right now. Thanks again.

These are just a sampling of the sites that I visit on a daily basis. I've left off a lot of my favorites. Not because I didn't want to put them in,just for a lack of room. The Personal growth that I have experienced because of blogging these past few months is something I wouldn't trade for the world. I don't have a "Niche" I wander all over the place with content. I don't know what I'm going to post on in any given day. I guess that what makes me "JustaKrusen". So with your permission,or without it too I guess.:) I'm going to continue to ramble on. Speaking my mind. I'll try not to make any body too mad. But If I do make ya mad, don't stay mad, get even. Let me know why you don't agree. And if by some slim chance ya agree with me. We'll ya better not let me know. It will only encourage me to do it more. And we can't have that, now can we? I'm justa saying!


Mark Krusen said...

Well I gave everyone a head start again today. I get to be my first commenter of the day again.

My Sister can't walk and chew gum or else she would have commented by now. She told me that her self. Really she did.

Keep on plugging me. You might do this blogging thingy next.

Anonymous said...

wow...it is the first time i have set my butt down all day...did you ever notice that computers are not designed for fat fingured people....everything is designed for the adverage joe ...well what about the un-adverage tom...i spend half my life backspacing just to fix my f3's( fat finger f.....hmmm ..mess-ups) my fingers hit two keys at a time and it pisses me off...o well thats not your problem thats mine...darn...and it is okay to speak your mind...i respect all opinions...i may not agree but that is my problem ...how others react to your opinion is not your problem...it is their's....so you keep bloggin o great justa-guy...and i will keep commenting...thanks for the vine

Mark Krusen said...

You said it was the "first time you sat your butt down all day." It must be you weren't at work today. Because all you've been doing lately at work is sitting down and going in circles.

Your right Tom. There is nothing average about you. You are above average in intelligence, humor and wit. Thanks for being the #1 commenter of Justakrusen. I have a feeling that the title will stay in your house for a long time.

Kelvin Oliver said...

LOL. That joke was funny. I do enjoy a laugh here and there. I see that you read different "genres" of blogs. I sometimes read blogs here and there and find myself with too many links open. I guess that sort of a habit maybe. We are all different in our own unique way.

Mrs. Micah said...

Hi Mark...did I know you had this blog? Anyway, thanks for listing me among your faves. :)

I think a lot of people who don't write for a specific niche probably get more variety in their reading...which is a good thing. I need to keep on top of PF, but I enjoy reading on other topics...I just have less time.