Friday, April 18, 2008

Justa studying up on my Bi-Polar disorder.

image I happened upon a web site on Bi-polar disorder the other day.

I'll link to it down below a little farther. One thing I wanted to bring forward today was that if you have this disorder you are not alone. You are not a freak of nature. Many of us have the disorder. It is estimated that 1 in 70 people have the disorder. I came across This list of celebrities with Bi-Polar disorder. Take the time to go down the list. As I went down the list I was struck with the thought "oh that explains that behavior" were you? People on the list include, Robin Williams,Richard Dreyfuss,Robert Downey, Jr all of them actors. They're people from all walks of life, men and women,boys and girls. imageSinead O'conner the picture on the right, is a singer that had just revealed she was Bi-Polar when this picture was taken.

It is becoming more and more prevalent

as we become more and more aware of disorders it has become quite apparent that many many families around the country are effected by some kind of mental disorder. What's going on? Have they always been around?,did we just not  know what to call it? Our capacity to handle the growing number of Mental disorders is fast becoming evident. What do we do as a country? What is the answer? Do we need to spend more Government monies? Can the private sector get involved? These are all questions we have to find the answers to in the coming years. It's not going to fix itself. Very few things do fix them selves. The human body has the capacity to fix some things. Such as blood clots to heal a wound. The human body is pretty resilient. But as it relates to Bi-Polar disorder it needs help. The outside stimuli of the modern world is just to much to handle.


I look back now over the last 15 or 20 years and question a lot of decisions I made. A lot of the things I said. Were they because of this chemical imbalance in my body? Maybe. Would I have said and done things the same had I known what I was going throught chemically in my body? Who knows. But the future is now. I can change the future me by taking my medicines, working with my Doctors, and Social Workers, friends and most of all my Wife. She is my Yang after all. :) I'm justa saying! Oh I did it again. I was going to link to an awesome web site on the disorder if your interested in further reading you can link to that HERE.

Photo credits Google Images.


Mark Krusen said...

Ok 9 hrs head start is enough. I'm the winner of the $1,000 for being the first commenter today.

Oh wait, I can't do that I forgot to announce it. ok forget it. I'll wait for that promotion somewhere down the line.

DFBear said...

Justa droppin by to say hi. Your honesty and openness is commendable. Part of the solution to any issue is in awareness. Communication is one of the keys to that. And thatsa whatcha doin.

When we change and grow, its easy to look back and see things differently. Who doesn't think we could have done a few things differently. But remember you're seeing things from a different perspective. And perspective is everything. Never regret the past. Its done and gone and we did our best we could at the time, with the perspective we had then.

This is now and thats what you have to work with. Everything begins now.
Thanks for sharing.