Saturday, April 19, 2008

I justa can't stay away!

100_0999 Momma at the computer. Notice that Yankee hat hanging on the bulletin board!

I was going to take a whole day off I really was.

Just a couple a quick words than it is off the to the gym with Cindy.This morning Cindy and I went to Denny's over off of 7th North street. You can create your own Grand slam breakfast for $5.99. So Momma and I both got that. The bill came to $16.00 something. They get you on the coffee. It was $1.55 each then you toss in the tip and it $20.00 for breakfast.The waitress was very good and well worth the tip. If you've been following along on the blog that is just under half of our weekly groceries. We might have to rethink our every Saturday breakfast out policy. Maybe we ought to go every other week. We shall see.

I've checked some emails today my blogging buddy Tom Stine

is at it again. Check out his post HERE. His "11 things things I've learned about Spirituality" is one of his best post in my opinion. He is getting quite a bit of commenter's on his blog lately. Deservedly so I might add.

Another favorite blog of mine is Amy Lillard's blog "Quiet Rebel Writer" she is  a Rebel, Quiet she is not. I've recently subscribed to her blog and enjoy her take on many things. Some Not so much!

Another must read for me is Daily blog tips the people running this blog have their stuff together. If you are even thinking about blogging than this is a great reference point.

Speaking of great reference  points

I'm on my way two get 2 books from Barnes & Noble The first one is WordPress for Dummies. Rather self explanatory isn't it? The 2nd one is about  Google Adsense and how to use that. I figure if I'm going to be blogging I might as well do it right.


Mark Krusen said...

Great post Mark. Well I think so anyway. Keep up keeping on.

David said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. you have some great links here - I love Tom Stine too.