Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justa wondering where your allegiances lie! Or why are you a Dumocrat!!


If your even thinking about voting for Barack

My wife is embarrassed to be an American Obama or Billary (self explanatory Clinton) I have to question your patriotism. That's right! Have you forgotten the War on Terror. Are we afraid to go out to Restaurants, or malls, or our church's? I'm not thinking so! It's not because we are talking about pulling out of Iraq. It's because of the Tightened noose on the terrorist organizations around the world . Come on people the war in Iraq was  probably most assuredly not a super idea. History will determine that. But If you can vote for some one that would say they are going to pull out the troops just to get elected with out knowing the ramifications of that move ahead of time. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Think for yourself's don't let the nightly news dictate who the next president of the country is going to be.


If your a Dumocrat I'm embarrassed for you

. You think it's ok to take a human life. Abortion! What if you had been aborted. What if the Pope had been aborted. Come on America think about it. If God didn't want that life he wouldn't have created it. Give me a break. Stop your whinnying about the Gas prices. Cut back on your eating out, your cigarettes, heck yeah give up your beer if you have to, but stop your WHINNING! pretty please( there was that politically correct enough for you?) If we stop using so much gas the prices will come down. Demand will drop so will the prices. Supply and demand. It's what drives any Economy. Please stop waiting for our Government to do something. It is up to us the people. Each and every one of us can make a difference right where we live, work and play. By the way if you vote Democratic,open up your check books there goes the taxes. Check out The Syracuse Gas Prices.com site on the sidebar on the right. Join that. Give the prices for gas stations you drive by every day. Let's work together to beat the oil companies. They have a head start on us,

I don't know where this hair up my fanny came from.

It's just in my mind and I wanted to share it with you. There is more ranting I could do about the Dumocrats if I wanted to. But why beat a dead horse. Fortunately the good, the bad and the ugly is coming out on both candidates. That's another thing you guys do, you eat your young. Barrack Obama could have made a good President, maybe he will some day. He's just to inexperienced. You can't be all things to all people. And really Hillary Clinton could care a less about her country. She's more interested in staying in power because with out a position of power she is just another old bag of wind.Remember the promise of more jobs for upstate New York she was going to work for? We're still waiting Billary! If you must vote for one of these two people so be it. Don't vote for them because your union says to, or your friends, or relatives, you get the point. Know the facts study every thing you can, than make an informed opinion.





Repuglicans have their issues also.

John Mccain isn't going to be strong economically. He has admitted that.Also, he hasn't meet an old crony from either party,that he won't jump on the band wagon with. But the one thing he is going to do is protect our country. That's a pretty good place to start. I am technically a registered Republican but my bent now is more toward being an Independent.You all know the story on how to tell if a politician is lying, "his or her, lips are moving!" I just think we should all weigh the facts and choose who we feel will best lead our country for the next four years.Hopefully we can all agree to disagree in a reasonable way. I'm still not sure 100% who I'm going to vote for this year for President. I might not make my final decision until I'm in that booth. For anyone to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who they're going to vote for now. Tells me that they aren't making an entirely informed decision, if you know what I mean. All the facts aren't out yet. Good luck and may God continue to bless the United State of America. I'm justa saying!!


ladyjane64 said...

I think you're right we just have to do the research and then go in that booth and do what we feel is best know matter how we are registered. That doesn't much matter to me anyway. I go with who I think will do the best job.
Like you I could go on and on and don't even get me started on abortion "ITS WRONG"!!!! I would be here all day. Anyway Mark I think YOU should run for president I would vote for you. I'm justa saying.

Mark Krusen said...

LadyJane64, Lol, I would need more than one vote to run for president.Not only that It would be much harder for us to get together for dinner's. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the blog it means a lot to me.As does our friendship.

Hey, with friends like me, who needs enemies?

stan said...

Dear Mark:

I guess I will put it this way, I not absolutely sure who I'm voting for this time around. Let’s see, I have a choice between two far left democrats, and a moderate democrat that keeps telling me he’s a republican in sheep’s clothing); but I am quite sure who I'm not voting for {laughing}. I'm not going to go on some long political rant here. Mainly because I'm on my first cup of morning Java Joe and my mind haven’t got to that unburied productive state yet.

But as far as Gas goes, you know as an ex-trucker, some people don't have much of a choice when it comes to using fossil fuels. It's a hard fact of their everyday lives. I've heard too many Washington snake oil sales man talk from Washington DC for far too long about alternative fuel sources and such; yet I haven't seen a whole lot of change in reality. Sometimes double speak is just that. Tell people what they want to hear, and then go about business as usual.

Please don't tell me I can't have my cigarettes, beer, and wine (They already tax the Holy ---- out of it. You know if I wanted that, I could become a monk in almost any country on earth, But this is America damn it). I have heard more than enough of that ranting babble in California to make me already feel like a leper and pariah standing on the side walk outside taking pot shots from the very same people driving by with Hummers acting like they were environmental friendly tree huggers. Of course each of us as citizens of this great land have a personal responsibility to tackle some of these problems that government is to bureaucratic and tainted to do anything about. I believe that why so many of us have decided to join the blog movement. Too many of our rational voices are just not being heard or listened too.

I haven’t seen a single candidate talk about the mental health system in any substantive way so far in the election process. Of course when you running around like a chicken with its head cut off collecting millions of dollars in campaign funds from Big Pharmaceutical and the medical corporate giants; it’s a little tough to bite the hand that is feeding you. Don’t you get a little sickened fist in your gut feeling the same thing is happening with big oil companies? It’s a lot of the same old story, follow the money and eventually you stumble onto the ugly truth. It’s a little difficult to twist the arm of those fat cats in Washington, when they know exactly who is buttering their bread for them. So it’s all comes down to broad sweeping ideological arguments and generalities when election time rolls around once again. You end up trying to vote for the least of all evils, instead of having meaningful choice that could really create change and meet head on the so many important issues we as a nation have to face in the near and not so distant future.

I could sit and write for hours just on the wars we are in, and the not so much about the hypocrisy of the wars we are fighting, but the wars we are not! Why in all logical and rational thinking would we pull troops out of countries or areas that in all likelihood are next target on this war upon terrorism? Sure Iran comes to mind right off the top of everyone’s head! But remember Sudia Arabia is probably doing more to fund radical Islam ideological based thinking around the world, and maybe even more dangerous than Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan combined. Yet we play paddy cake with them to keep that precious oil faucet flowing. Talk about hypocrisy! (I think we are all aware where Bin Laden and most of the 911 terrorist were from). These are pertinent national security issues none of the Washington gang really want or care to talk about, because their hands are tied behind their back by huge corporate influence. Don’t you think that if Pakistan were truly allied with us, we would have a complete green light to go in and end Al-Qaida and the Taliban once and for all? I see lots of gamesmanship being played over the passing years, but how about the true philosophy of war itself. I believe the basic concept you accomplish is to demoralize and defeat your enemy totally and completely at all cost. They are more than willing to make this a thousand year holy war. Are any of us really ready for that type of subtended campaign on either an economic or physiological level?

I know if we took this same half ass approach during world war two; that war still might be raging on today into a complete and unadulterated stalemate. Ok, enough rambling dialogue from this meager bipolar on this morning. I need to go prepare my liver for an ultra sound and ponder other things more closely related to my daily survival. In ending this rant, I do strongly agree on one primal thought, we all must make informed choices when it comes to election time. It’s all a matter of how we get informed, and what that information really means in the larger scheme of things. Where’s Winston Churchill that great bipolar mind when we need him {laughing}

Yours truly

Mark Krusen said...

Stan, you are without a doubt the most prolific commenter to date on this blog.Jackofall58 has some work to do to match this comment. Thanks for taking the time to say the things you did so clearly. Now get some more coffee in ya. And don't forget to take your chill pill Lol.

COLOgal said...

So I woke up this morning, drove to work and what do I hear on the radio? Sit down for it, the candidates did commercials solely intended for WWE fans and used wrestling metaphors all the way through the announcements. If you can find them, they are ridiculously embarrassing. Thanks for visiting my Cologal site. If you have time, you should check out my alter ego at alwaysblogcolorado.blogspot.com.

Mark Krusen said...

Cologal, an alter ego! I have a couple of them too. :) Thanks for commenting. I really like your blog and will check out the one you mention.