Saturday, April 26, 2008

I was tagged, now your justa tagged~ Sorry!

ok damit. I've been tagged I am it. I wasn't going to even play the darn game. I was standing in the middle of this playground. Some people call it a blogeshphere and I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Kelvin over at Moment in Time. He said tag I'm it, and laid down some rules to me. They are as follows:

    1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
    2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
    3. At the end of the post,the player than tags 4 or 5 people and post their names,then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment,letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
    4. Let the person who tagged you know when you have posted your answer.

I'm not comfortable with this. Some of the people I tag might beat me up. That is just the risk I'll have to take. Hopefully the bully's in the playground will play nice. Here some things you might not know about me.

1.What was I doing 10 years ago?

I don't even know what I was doing a day ago and you want me to remember 10 years ago! Ok. It's fuzzy but here goes. I owned my very own large car(tractor trailer) and drove mostly in the northeast delivering general freight and groceries to the upstate New York region and all points in between up and down the coast. I didn't particularly enjoy my job but had no idea how to get out of it.

2.What are the 5 things on my to do list for today(not in any particular order).I didn't have a list.

  • Take a nap catch up on some much needed sleep.
  • Take car to Cole muffler in Fulton, Ny for repairs.
  • Go to Gym.
  • Take Indy(my dog out back to stretch his legs).
  • Go Grocery shopping with Momma tonight.

3. Snacks I enjoy.

I enjoy the small Jelly beans I can buy at Wegmans, Low fat ice cream, fruits, chocolate chip cookies.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

  • Pay off all my friends and relatives bills then give them a one time gift of $50,000. When that is gone it's gone.
  • Buy a log cabin.
  • See if I could talk Momma into quitting her job.
  • buy me a Mercedes Benz
  • Wake up from my dream. Ha. Ha.

5. Three of my bad habits.

  • I kid around to much sometimes.
  • I sometimes am pessimistic.
  • I'm too fast to anger.

6. Five places I have lived. (What? only 5)

  • Rochester,NY
  • Elmira, Ny
  • Fort Bragg, Nc
  • Fort Knox, Ky
  • Heidelberg, Germany

7. Five jobs I have had.

  • Busboy
  • Army-Personnel clerk
  • Factory worker
  • Shoe salesman
  • Truck driver

There that is over. Now its supposed to be time for me to tag 4 or 5 people. I'm not going to tag that many but I will tag 2 or 3.(See I don't follow rules. I don't play well with others)

Tag your it!!

Tom is my brother in law. He started his blog just trying to comment on my blog. One thing lead to another and now he is blogging. He has an awesome sense of humor and an interesting take on life. He sometimes has a little to much time between post for my taste but when he post, I always try to read it.

Forest is the first blogger to ever put me on his blogroll. That is a humbling experience knowing that some one thought enough of your content to want to let people know he reads it. Thanks again Forest.

Stan is a crazy bastard just like me. He has Bi-polar disorder like I do and stops by often now and leaves lengthy and thought provoking comments on this blog. You've got to check his blog out. Very interesting indeed.

There are many others that I could tag. I am just really hesitant to tag them as I don't really have a relationship with them and just wouldn't feel comfortable putting them on the spot. Tom if this bugs you (getting tagged) sorry about that. That will teach you for cheating on our contest (laughs out load and long).


Kelvin Oliver said...

Hey there. Glad you have participated in the game of tag! :) I'm sure you will give your friends a good suprise to see that you have put them on the spot! All just for fun.

Mark Krusen said...

Kelvin, It will be interesting to say the least. Thanks again for tagging me .

Anonymous said...

wow...i thought that the light pole across the road was safe...not fair who changed the rules...o well...what are the rules is like a great big game of calvin ball...the rules are ever changing...we try to live by the rules ...only to find out someone has changed them...or interpreted then i am tagged and i am maybe i like being it...maybe i willkeep the honor of it-dum....i mean there are billions of un-it-ers...but i am it...suddenly i feel a great power...i am it...and the rest of you are will travel far and wide to be near touching...i would loose my it thing may not be so good after one will want me around...he is it....stay away...curse you mr. have saddled me with a plague....the dog won't even play with me ...i must cast out the evel for the vine...but not for the it

Kelvin Oliver said...

It is no problem, Mark. :) Anytime, buddy.

Mark Krusen said...

Thomas, As I see it you have at least two problems now. You have switched your name to Sherbear, and to top it off you are now "it". Ain't life great.

Forest Parks said...

I have not done a meme for a while so perfect timing.

Mine will be up 22mins and 5 seconds from..... now, start the clock!

ladyinred1953 said...

The game of tag is an interesting one, somtimes it can be frustrating when you feel like you are never going to give the :IT" position away. Others hide too well, run too fast and play tricks.
I love reading your blog, your thoughts are sometimes so thought provoking. I do support you through these endevors. Keep up the great work you are doing.
You have touched others lives.
Love, Cindy

Mark Krusen said...

I would have tagged you it dear.But I know the answer to most of these questions about you, and one family member was enough to tag. Any way I like your brother Tom being it. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.:)

stan said...

Dear Mark:

I was tagged; why I was tagged in still some kind of unknown mystery? It’s not like I’m some kind of endangered species,or some Ivy league university is tracking my mating habits for the good of all mankind!

"and quite Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn” {smirk}

1.The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2.All rules have been suspended at this time due to lack of interest, and the constitution right stated clearly in the Fifth Amendment against self incrimination.

I'm not exactly comfortable with this type of chain tag games. I have seen these same Questions posted on questionable dating sites? This makes me wonder if any person filling this questionnaire out is just fulfilling the fantasies of some sick, twisted, and demented pervert.

What was I doing 10 minutes ago:

Now this game to just plain silly, if you really want to know this type in information about me, you’d subscribe to the FBI’s ten most wanted.

But what the heck I will change any rules to suit my needs and try to make this little more tolerable.

Ten minutes ago I grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on my computer, and then went and relieved myself.

What are the 5 things on “not to do list” for today (not in any particular order).
1. Wake up
2. Smell the roses
3. Be productive
4. Think rationally
5. Ponder the meaning of life and answer the question in ten words or less

Snacks I enjoy:

1.All opium based tasty snacks made with Splenda ( diabetic)
2.The second snack would be irresponsible to post here {smirk}

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1.Buy one tank of gas and give the 6 cents in change to the homeless
2.I’m frigging crazy; you think I need the stress of having a billion dollars too. Who started this game anywise? He should be chased down, whipping within an inch of his life, and then burned at the stake.

Three of my bad habits:

I have no bad habits; I’m great at pointing the short coming in others those though. If I admitted to having a bad habit, I would be admitting I’m not perfect. At this stage in my therapeutic process, egocentric development; I believe that could be unhealthy, counterproductive, and create a setback on my road to complete and total enlightenment.

Places I have lived:

• Mental Hospital
• Hell
• In a house
• In a tent
• In a car
• In a bar
• On a beach
• With a beach ( misspelled)
• With a wrench
• By a park
• In the dark
• Swimming with a shark
• On the All mighty mother ship with the CIA genetically altered Penguins

Five jobs I have had:

1. Amateur Gynecologist
2. I made homemade thermal nuclear devices and sold them on eBay
3. Psycho Tech
4. I used to harvest organs to see how I could assimilate them into my Lego projects funded by pharmaceutical interest.
5. I am a secret CIA hit man (I currently hold a five star rating, and plan to continue upon this gratifying vocational path do in great part that it promotes unfathomed joy, a legal therapeutic outlet for my pent up frustrations, and works for the goodness of humanity)

There! that is over. Now it’s supposed to be time for me to either beat up or tag 2 or 3 people. But I have decided to “stay it” and ruin all the damned fun. So there, put that in your toilet and flush it.

Yours Truly

Mark Krusen said...

Stan You never cease to amaze me. You are one sick individual LOL. Thanks for answering the questions. I was uncomfortable doing it also. But figured what the heck. Thanks for playing along.