Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Justa checking on the gas prices!

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Have you noticed the way the gas prices have been creeping

up to that $4.00 per gal mark.The market has been telling us for months now that its coming this summer. Well guess what? It's spring, rushing into summer. After priming our pumps so to speak all winter the gas companies are all set to get those prices up to the $4.00 per gal mark. And guess what? That's right, we are letting them. Supply and demand folks.  We as consumers have to have the gas to get back and forth to work and our other "have to drive to" events in our lives.

The other Countries that we are competing with

for the World market on oil are still increasing their demands for oil. It is a win win kind of environment for the oil companies right now. The ole rich get richer syndrome if you will. I don't know if you've been keeping an eye on the prices and the fluctuations in the local market. Your's truly has! I'm writing this  post on Monday morning for posting on Wednesday, so the prices I have checked on are for  last Saturday.(Click on the Syracuse Gas Prices link on the Sidebar to the right to follow along if you'd like) That's the latest update as of this time Monday am.

The lowest price in the area as of Saturday

was at Sam's club on Rte 31 that came in at $3.42 a gal just $0.01  lower than Bj's right down the road. The next lowest prices we're in the $3.43 to $3.47's and up. The gouger of the week continues to be the Mobil station on the corner of Velasko Rd & Onondaga Blve at a whopping $3.73 per gal. Week in and week out they come in as the highest priced gas in the Greater Syracuse area. Can you say. Howdy neighbor. They don't care what people think of them obviously. I've never been over there, but they must have people buying gas from them. Just as a side note the Sunoco gas station on the corner of Taft and Morgan Roads came in at $3.28 per gal for their regular unleaded at one time when I checked on Sat.

So you see, its pretty tough to keep up with the prices. You'd almost have to have a phone tree set up with people calling in 2 or 3 times a day from various locations to keep up. That's not practical so what can I do, you ask? Good question I don't have all the answers. Do any of you out there have any ideas? What are you doing to combat the high fuel prices? We can't drive less can we? We still have to get to work, go to the gym, go to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner on Sunday.How can we drive less any ideas? I'm justa asking?

Maybe signing up for a site like Syracuse Gas would help. I signed up on Monday. One of the ones I posted was on there. I posted 3 or 4 prices the one that bothers me not showing up is the Bj's one. It was only showing the lowest price of Saturday. But as of Tuesday at 2:55 pm the price was $3.52.9. quite a difference wouldn't you think. I'm wondering a little bit about who owns and runs the site mentioned above. Some research is needed. I'll get back to you if I can find out.


ladyjane64 said...

That's all we can do is try to keep track of who has the lowest price on what day. It is a pain but what else can we do, we have to get from point A to point B every day and we can't be expected to stay locked up in our homes all the time and not live our lives right? We just have to pick and choose what's important. Also, I know people who shop at Price Chopper and save on gas with their promotion, my brother does. I tried shopping there a couple of times but I seem to spend more. I guess it just depends on what you buy. Justa thought. I think it's all going to equal out in the end anyway... what your saving in gas your probably spending on food. I guess we can't REALLY win either way. Day by day doing our best is all we can do...and I'm really trying these days.

Anonymous said...

wow...gas is a gas...but you are right...we need..they got....i am thinking of getting a scooter....i figure that it will be doubley good...i will save on gas...and get more sex....the gas part is for the sex....i will feel so gay riding the damn thing...i will have to confirm my heterosexualality everytime i get off the damn has gotten to a point that a second car is an option....well walkin is always an option too...i would hab
ve to leave at 3:00am to get to work....yo georgey the man....i am sure the oil execs will take care of you...thanks for the(hillary won pa)vine

Mark Krusen said...

Ladyjane, I agree it depends on what end you want to lose your money. If you drive to far to save a dollar on food. What more will you pay in gas.

Have you guys ever considered shopping at Save A lot. I know its a few extra miles but the drive might be worth it. I'm justa saying!

Jackofall58 returns. Are you done rescuing the world for a while. Dare I go to your blog to see if there is an update. George Bush is coming over for dinner in a week or so would you like to be on the guest list?