Monday, April 21, 2008

I was justa thinking!


I'm writing this post on Sunday Morning

at 04:27 am. This is for Monday.  We'll why are you typing this on Sunday instead of on Monday morning  you ask? Just to get a head a little bit. Sometimes my mind gets so cluttered with things that I like to just get it on paper so I can let it go.

Here are some of the things on my mind as Sunday comes rushing in. In no particular order:

  • It really hurts when a friend is down and you feel like there is nothing you can do. You realize that although you may have given them advise that is valuable it is ultimately up to them to make the move for change. They have to want to change, and make that first move to change.


  • Momma and I are really looking forward to Jeff and Amanda coming over for dinner tonight (Sunday) They are so busy in their lives right now. It is going to be nice to help them stop and smell the roses. I envy those families that make it a point to get together for meals. especially like my Sister Donna and husband Steve's family. Every Sunday they get together at one of the kids for Dinner. The whole immediate family. That is way cool.


  • My Yankees aren't doing so hot again. It is early in the season but they just seem to be digging themselves a big hole. I haven't paid enough attention yet to know what the problem has been. Does any one know what they're major malfunction is?


  • I used to dread Sundays. That's right I dreaded them because it would create an environment for Momma and I to go our own separate ways on Sunday's at 11:00 am. I thank God that Cindy stayed the course and on most Sundays went to church even though I was being stubborn and stayed at home. It is because of her faith and prayers and the prayers of others that I am again attending the church of my choice on Sundays. The Community Wesleyan Church in Baldwinsville, Ny. is that church.


  • We have penciled in a date for dinner with Norm & Sandy our friends that moved out of the park years ago.So our social calendar is full for dinner on May 17, 2008. Bill O'rielly if you are reading this I won't be able to do the interview for that day. You'll have to pick another day and time. :)


  • I enjoyed lunch out with my Buddy Shawn on Friday. We went to Doug's fish fry on the corner of 31 & 57. If you like fish you have to try them out if you've never done it. Can you say Delicious? (I hope you can say it better than I spelled it, thank you again spell check) 


  • My number one commenter is missing in action again. He actually really does have a life outside blogging. Must be nice.:) He has been busy again with family obligations. He just finished up the bathroom off the master bedroom. And went right from that project into a rehab assignment on a house with his wife, Daughter Natalie and boyfriend Cory. I don't think they have any quit in them. Relax guys, take a chill pill.


  • Another thought that just slid into my mind. Is that I'm glad for the friends and family that are always there when the going gets tough. That when the chips are down, when life gets really busy, family no matter what takes care of family.And really, really good friends are always there when you call That is a pretty neat place to be isn't  it guys?

That's just some of the random stuff that was rumbling through my

head this morning . It's 5:02 am. time to walk, ok limp back into bed and cuddle with Momma again. Man life don't get any better that this does it? I'm justa saying!


Mark Krusen said...

I gave you guys almost a 5 hr head start. I'm going to win the next contest I'm going to have. You need to start practicing to be the first commenter. It could win you a gas card. I'm justa saying!!

David said...

I thank God for all the friends who stood by me when I was down even though at the time they felt like there was nothing they could do to help.

Mark Krusen said...

David Good friends are a dime a dozen. Great friends are priceless aren't they?

ladyjane64 said...

Ditto, family & friends they are great and friends who feel like family are especially wonderful!!