Thursday, April 24, 2008

You've gotta justa be kidding me!!



The fine folks of Pennsylvania obviously are just about as dumb as us fine folks in New York have been for a couple of elections any way. That's right the majority of the people in Pennsylvania  have voted for Billary. They must have not read my post from a couple of days ago. Rush Limbaugh got his way. Billary won and this primary will probably run all the way to the convention now. Goody, Goody, we get to hear all kinds of more dirt. On both candidates. The longer the primary goes on for the Dumocrats the better it will be for the Repuglicans. It couldn't happen to nicer people. The Dumocrats just don't get it. I'm amazed that seemingly intelligent people could vote the way they do. I've even seen some Dumocrats stand on two legs and walk can you believe it?

Don't worry I'm not going to be ranting on the election the whole post.

I just had to get that off of my chest. Whew. Deep breathing....  Ah much better now. Where was I? Does anybody out there but me listen to Glen Beck on the radio. He is very funny but informative at the same time. If you listen to him I'm sure you agree. Well the other day Glen was telling us that some of the commodities futures would be climbing, in fact they already are climbing. The gas futures are why we are paying so much for gas right now. In fact they are the reason we are going to be paying $4.00 per gallon for gas by summer. wise bread has a post about this very subject from back in July 2007. It is well worth taking the time to read it.

Another one he warns about is Wheat.

Apparently for various reasons there will be a possible shortage of wheat. The same stuff that goes into making all of our breads. So guess what. Bread will be going up. Momma and I got ready for this possibility by storing up a little on bread making stuff and we are prepared if the price does rise real high. If not we still like to eat home made bread and it will not spoil as momma put it in containers. I don't remember the other commodity he mentioned besides these two, Gas and wheat. I'm sure there are more though. Now is the time to listen for those little hints and hidden news items to see what is happening that will be effecting us.Just for example if the price of fuel goes up another $0.50 cents per gal,which experts say is a certainty can your budget tolerate another $7.00 per fill up for gas. ($0.50 X 14 gals)This will push some people over the edge budget wise. Heck a lot of cars or trucks have bigger tanks than the 14 gal example I used just do the math.

Don't be tempted to put things on a credit card to get by.

That is the worst thing you can do. It will only make things worse. The only thing to do is to start thinking about cutting back on some things. Can you cut out some on eating out? Is there any way to combine some of your shopping trips.(This may take some planning) Maybe you could start selling some of your kids off.(oops did I say that out loud? only kidding) You see what I mean though. What area of your budget can you start cutting. Cindy and I have been in cutting mode lately. We haven't been to a movie out in months. We don't eat out as much.(We still haven't given up our Saturday breakfast trips). We have cut our grocery bill almost in half most weeks. We shop at Save a Lot in Fulton, Ny because of this we spend 40% less than you folks that shop at Wegmans or P&C do.Granted we don't get all the name brand things you can at the other stores, but what we do get is rather tasty and some of the things are the same brands as are at Danny Wegmans just packaged under a different name. If you don't believe me try it out for yourself. It is named SAVE A LOT for a reason. I'm sure there are more money saving things we can all do. Does anybody out there have any ideas? What are some things that you and your family do? I'm justa asking!!


Mark Krusen said...

great post mark, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. Keep on keeping on.

stan said...

Dearest Mark:

I’m not surprised at all that Penn went the way it did; the writing was plastered all over the wall. Obama is finally down off his pedestal and having his associates with some savory characters aired and questioned at great length; plus that whole rant he did on small town America’s values in of all places San Francisco ( The hot bed of super leftist anarchist pinky liberal America is the enemy thinking) . Once more they have gone and isolated the very people they espouse to fight for and represent. It’s seems they can never quite get their act together; which I’m absolute sure is what every American is hoping for in our next president {smirk}.

I know if I was running against the democrats; I would just keep my mouth shut, stick to generally accepted generalized positions, and watch them implode as usual. They now control Congress and the Senate and we all can see the great work those reprehensive morons are doing for the everyday Joe in terms of legislation and action. It’s the same old double speak coming straight from the posterior of the privileged few( I guess you could say we have another internal gas crisis in Washington DC which needs desperately some alternative resource expenditures specified to it {laughing}.

I can see in my crystal ball some out of control inflation trickling down this mountain of Bandini manure to create not only a recession of great proportions. But it’s within the realm of possibilities that we all could experience a total economic meltdown. Government has always been known for their renowned tunnel vision in this department. You can’t just keep printing money like a drunken sailor, cut interest rates to record low levels, spend like you’re a manic bipolar in a market of bright and shiny things, except huge bail outs from foreign interest, and not suffer the dire consequence at some point. I’m sorry and saddened to say we have a lame duck president that is now paying back all those favors he owed to get to that high and mighty office (pretty much business as usual in the White House whether you’re a Dem or Rep walking inevitably toward your new presidential library, and a pristine future on the speaking tour, corporate payroll, and government dole{DUH}).

It’s so Ironic that just the other day the department of home land security admitted the twenty plus million dollars they spent on this virtual fence at the border doesn’t work, and they are now in the process of wasting more money to see if they can get some of the kinks out. My God, You had to know or assume that even though some 80% to 90% of the general electorate wanted and demanded secure borders, Those brainiacs in Washington would find away to scuttle the will of the people.

Again it goes back to follow the all mighty money gravy train. Both parties have a vested interest in keeping that cheap labor force flowing in, no matter what the cost to society, and what we used to call America jobs (I have heard rumors that Congress is going to pass a guest worker program with the sole intent of hiring them to protect our borders, Now finally some good old fashion common sense coming out of Washington D C {laughing my _SS off}).

It’s bad enough we have bought into this whole one world economy and have sent millions of our better paying jobs overseas to China, India, Japan, and a myriad of other soon to be industrialized giants for higher profit margins, and to blissful mega Wall Street share holders counting up their bags full of well stolen cash, and manipulated profit taking at our expense.

We all saw what out of control speculation did in the great silicon bust, the enormous fictional created energy crisis of black outs created out of greed for billions in profit, the irrational savings and loan debacle, the recent mortgage crisis scam of monumental proportions, and as many have read in the news they are now even rationing rice sales at many of our grocery retail giants.

Now at some invisible and imaginary line they are going speculate and drive the market beyond its capacity to recover on everything from oil, rice, wheat, and who knows what else they have up their con man sleeves. I have always believed if you give certain persons enough power and influence, they will without any doubt abuse that power they have been given{ I hate being a kill joy and pointing out the virtues of our lesser human nature {laughing}.

Should you and I as Mr. or Mrs. Joe Average American been concerned and dumbfounded over this looming catastrophe of substantial personal and national consequences? I would have to say the answer is a firm and strident YES; we need to keep our eyes wide open, and our hands tightly grasping our ever shrinking wallets. Maybe we can just hand our financial economic crisis over to the United Nations and grab our Ankles tightly with a big smile for that ever wanted one world currency and loss of national sovereignty {smirk}. Anywise, that’s what I thinking! If you happen to be getting a nice warm feeling right now; don’t be too concerned or dismayed, it’s probably just a little smoke and hot air being redirected up your –SS {laughing}.

Yours Truly

Mark Krusen said...

Stan, Why do you hide your feelings. What do you really think.:) Your such a shrinking violet. Thanks for commenting again Stan.

stan said...

Dearest Mark:

I have pledged to myself I would not make my blog about political issues (I tend to get a little tiny bit outspoken and passionate when I think about these related issues {befuddled look comes across Stan face, and then a satisfied grin of approval}). I just wanted to keep a nice centered focus on one main issue "Mental Health".

So I thunk, I would vent in the most gentle of ways here and other places instead.

I would go on and on about what I really feel and thunk, But I could really scare small children, clowns, and small cute furry animals if I did. So I thought I would keep it pristine, positive, uplifting and all flowery here so you didn't decide to go into one of those bipolar nose dives {laughing}, and start hording bags of rice and other important commodities {smirk}.

Yours truly

PS So this obviously I didn’t live up to my last rant, since I received no gold stars or even a thumbs up dag nab it {Boo Hoo Boo Hoo will this sobbing never end “Chuckle”}.

Mark Krusen said...

Picture this Stan. My thumb is up in the air. and your gold star is in the mail.

DFBear said...

Hey Mark
From the other side of the border, the US election process is incomprehensible. But we get a little different news and it sure sounds like there are some big surprises coming on that front. As in scandals and corruption.

Gore is planning to jump in after their success on the Aussie front.
Sure can be entertaining though ;-)

Mark Krusen said...

dfbear, wow that would be a twist I never anticipated. The entertainment value is unmeasurable. Better than sit coms or reality TV. I better buy more popcorn.

DFBear said...

Saw an interesting piece using Google analytics (trends)the other day. (sorry - no URL - I was shown it) It uses a far larger sampling (millions) than the pollsters. And it illustrates Obama is way ahead of Clinton. This corroborated something else I read that indicated Clinton was "in the race" only to give the appearance of a contest. Something the media could play up. The other notable thing in the piece was Ron Paul - he was WAY ahead of everyone else, yet has a fraction of the media coverage. That in itself indicates media bias and manipulation of information - intentional or not.

But then, as a Canuck, I have no clue what that means. (laughs)

Mark Krusen said...

DFBear. Your information seems correct. You must be enjoying the show from up there. We know how to make a mess of things down here don't we?