Monday, April 28, 2008

Justa sidewalk buildin'


Saturday Momma and I went to the Home Depot over in Clay

Ny. We went there mainly to pick on the mayor of Baldwinsville. We heard he was going to be giving a speech on the finer points of wood and the use of such on building a deck. Apparently he got word we were coming over and didn't show up to work that day. We were going to price out a 12ft by 12 ft deck for the side door.

We have been talking about putting a deck on the house somewhere for years. I guess we are still just talking about it. We came away with $50.00 in rocks for the front sidewalk in stead. We used to put mulch chips in every other year. We just decided together that rocks would be a more permanent situation and that the added cost this year would be worth it. What do you think? I like the way these look. We already had the blocks  in the walk way. I think the stones set it off pretty good. They drain the rain pretty good also as a pretty good rain storm came through a couple hours after we had put the rocks down and none of them drained off into the driveway. This project took 10 bags of stones which were very heavy to haul around. My leg bothered me quite a bit. My fanny ended up sitting on those steps watching momma rake and making it look awesome. We got pretty lucky we figured just right on the amount of rocks we would need.

I have recovered from my game of tag.image

As of this writing two of my tag victims had responded. My brother in law Tom who has responded in his blog. He is very funny and makes me crack up all the time. I think he like all of us has some issues up stairs if you know what I mean? And the second one to respond was Forest who has a great blog. He got us all going with some interesting comments on a post the other day. If you have some extra time check out these two sites. I wasn't very comfortable with being tagged at first blush. It however turned out to be a fun time I'm honored to have been invited into the game.Stan chimed in with his answer to the game just as I was finishing up this post (So all of my "victims" were good sports and played along.) He was a good sport about it even though he is busy packing and getting ready to move. Thanks Stan. Sorry for the added task at a busy time in your life(Photo via of Google images)



I enjoyed my day of rest from blogging and reading

emails and networking. I love to do all of that. But I also look forward to that day of rest. That day that God has set aside for us to just stop and smell the roses.This picture isn't one of roses but does show the tulips my wife planted a few years ago coming up again. Spring has truly sprung in upstate New York.100_1072 Momma took these pictures the other day she is so good at capturing nature at it's finest.

I know I've said it before but this is my favorite time of year. The rains of April not only bring spring flowers but wash away the dirt and grime of winter. It makes me see the possibilities in life. You know the saying "Hope springs eternal". Here's hoping that all of you out there have an awesome spring and may that saying pertain to you and yours. Thanks for stopping by. If your so inclined leave a comment below. And if you don't want to miss any of Justakrusen feel free to subscribe to the email subscription up in the top right corner. It is an easy no hassle sign up to receive Justakrusen in your email every day. Heck if you miss a day no telling what will have happened. I'm justa saying!


ladyjane64 said...

Your walkway looks great, Norm will be sorry he missed you at the "Depot" Saturday. He had the day off. I agree Spring is a wonderful time of year and it does kinda feel like a fresh start.
I enjoyed your blogg today it was very uplifting, and that would be why I continue visiting you and the "Mrs." Happy Spring"

Mark Krusen said...

ladyjane64, it means a lot to us to know that you are reading the blog. It makes it easier to sit down at the computer and type when you know someone is enjoying what your writing.

What is Norm doing taking a day off he needs to keep his nose to the grind stone.:)

T minus less than a month to Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches for dinner. Save your appetite!Make sure you bring Norm's bib.

ladyjane64 said...

Can't wait, I like strawberry if it's not too much trouble.

Kelvin Oliver said...

A little humor in this post.I'm going to bounce from one thing to the next in this particular comment. Nice sidewalk you have there. That picture makes me want to walk on it every day. That game of tag was not that bad, but most people probably did want to really answer the questions and join the fun. Spring time is here and I like to see the flowers bloom and the warm weather and all the good actvities and outdoor cooking. yum.