Friday, February 1, 2008

Justa Quickie!

No not that kind! (blushes) The power has been flickering here so I just wanted to get this out real quick. I'm feeling a lot better tonight. Thanks for asking. I went to the Chiropractor today It seemed to help my lower back. As most of you know the roads are pretty nasty out there today so that was no mean feat the way I was feeling. Hey, has anybody noticed how much trouble they're having over in Chinia with the weather? Makes you appricated our Plow guys better huh? I'm still having trouble with putting pictures on this thing along with fiquring out how to hyperlink. If any of you know could u let me know. Just had another twitch in the lights, I better shut it down. Till the morrow.

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jackofall58 said...'s 11:22pm and i'm just starting my evening...hey the back-cracker helps me too..the wife,got me started, she has been a specimen of chiropratics since she was 12...and the first time for me was 2 years's kind of scary when yourelize all that snapping is you...but then you say, ahhhhhh ...workin thye nite shift is ok... better then a sharp stick in the eye...but as i've said do what you have to...don't you hate it when someone says " what ya thinkin?" i'll say " nothing" and they will say"thats impossible, you can't think nothing" ....why not?? i always think nothing...i do my best thinking when i'm thinking nothing...jeeze louies...i mean it's totaly odvious i'm thinking nothing i'm the 89th visitor...who will be that lucky 100???...watchin the superbowl at my friends house... he just got the 47 inch lcd...nice!!...i almost over peened him and got a 52 incher...but thats hard to justify...cort is over and spendin the nite...hope that goes well...catch ya on the turn around...thanks for the vine