Thursday, January 31, 2008

Justa Wanta Feel Better

This will be day three of my "I still don't feel good post". I had to cancel going to my test today. I just still really feel lousy, sore all over, coughing, etc. So it's rescheduled for next week. Cindy left me, more on that later. I want to give a shout out to Melissa, and Peter that work with Cindy. Thanks for reading this thing. If you have any subjects you'd like me to look up and research to talk about on here let me know. I'm still just studying things about blogging and know I'm spending to much time reading other blogs. I'm amazed how many are out here. Now your probably wondering about Cindy leaving me? Yep, she left me and went to the gym... oh wait... you didn't think I meant she left me... I'm so sorry, see how things can get miscombobulated . If I didn't feel so lousy I would have gone with her(see I never run out of excuses) honest I would've. If you want to see how real blogging is supposed to be done, check out Wise I get a lot of useful info off of there. I'm going to cut it off here as momma just returned to the homestead. I also wanted to give a shout out to Lenny and Sherri for checking in on me by phone, I appreciate the check ins.

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Anonymous said...

Wow when i read that mnmma left you ,i said "about time" then you note later it was just to the gym. ...bummer...oh well i'm over it....hey i got one of those gym memberships the trick is using it...we always have good intentions...but no time to put those intentions into action...sorry you feel like to shall pass...i'm workin 7-3 today going home and coming right back at 11 for the over nite...spent the last two evenings on my ...butt fixing cars... bad tierod , bad wheel bearing and sway bar links...yup these things seem to always go bad when the temp is cold...brrrr...thank god for my dickys...thats D I C K Y S... they are you guys are pigs....and anyway its to cold out for the other thing...well hope you feel better soon...what do homeless people do when they get sick?? go to work?? hmmmm ...well say hey to momma, thanks for the vine