Friday, May 21, 2010

All's well that "ends" well!!

image  Well I got the results of my Prostrate biopsy.(my 2nd one in 2 years) The results were benign. All 12 of the samples came up negative. So that's some good news. I asked the Dr. if I was going to have to go through this every 2 years. He told me no. The 2 negative test are good. It just means I have an enlarged prostrate.

My Yankees are starting to stink up the joint. They're like 5 games out now. They have a lot of people injured but it's been their pitching that has let them down lately. It's still early in the year yet. Not time to panic yet.

I was a regular ole house husband today. Mowed the yard and all the trim work. I had to take about 4 breaks but it looks pretty good. I vacuumed the house. That's one of my assigned duties. It looks like I'm going to end up with about 1200 calories for the day as dinner is over and I've already entered my Skinny Cow Ice cream sandwich. That's to low but tomorrow is weigh in day I usually get on the scale everyday, but only count it on Saturday. I'll report on the number in the morrow.

We didn't go to the Gym today. Today must be our day off. We'll go tomorrow after breakfast with Shawn and Pat. We have to almost force ourselves not to go everyday. You can be to anal.(No pun intended)

We put the camper up last night. The repairs to the fabric seemed to hold. We'll probably test it out for real next weekend. We'll leave it up for a couple of days then put it away.

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