Sunday, May 16, 2010

If your snoozing you won't be losin!!

image A lot of people have asked me how I did it. Almost expecting me to  say I used this magic pill or that book.Or I was on this diet or that diet. Nope. Those are things I used the previous times I tried to lose weight. They worked for a while but never for the long term. This time the difference was "me". I made the decision that this was it. I'm 56 years old and it is either sh*t or get off the pot. This is a life style not a diet.I knew what I had to do I just had to do it. No amount of book reading was going to bring my weight down. I look forward to how I can challenge myself to stick to 1500 to 1700 calories a day. It's become a habit now.

This is the site We use to keep track of our calories every day. I've worked my butt off to get here and I'm still not half way to my goal so I sure aint quitting. When I get there I sure as heck aint coming back. The  second thing We've done is I've joined Gold's gym. Cindy and I signed and payed  in advance for a two year membership and have had a trainer from the beginning which is pretty expensive too. By the month it is $49.95. The trainer is $394.00 for 6 one half hour sessions for each of us. So you can see it's quite a financial commitment. We are going to sign up for one more six week stint. We believe from here we can go on and do it ourselves. Our trainer is really good. He pushes us enough to get a real good work out in, but not so hard that we feel like we are on the biggest loser. He's very good at giving us things to do to work around both of our disabilities and still burn calories.

What's really neat for me and which has made it easy for me is at the same time I made "the decision" so did Cindy. We are in this together. We aren't doing it for the other person. It is for ourselves, but at the same time we have a partner. That's the thing that has spoken to me the most though. We have to do it for ourselves.

Cindy just left for church awhile ago then she's going to go to the gym. I have to take at least one more day off. I hope to get back into the Gym on the morrow. If not Tuesday for sure. I chatted on Facebook with my little sister for over an hour this morning. It was nice to catch up with her.  My mower wouldn't start this morning. It was the battery. Replaced that with a new one from Tractor Supply now I'll be good to mow tomorrow.

The Yankee game will be on in a little over an hour. I think I'll settle in and watch that. Sunday is a day of rest you know.

image Now this is optimism !!!!


ladyinred1953 said...

YEs we are in this together. We ahve been in other things together... but not like this! It is easier to have us just do this together.Each doing it for each of us..but with the same goals...Keep on keeping on... Love ya, Cindy

Forest Parks said...

I have been working out at home because the Gym's here in Cairo are too damn expensive... I'm in very good shape right now but my lifestyle of late has screwed with my eating so I need to re-order the diet and loose another 10lbs or so to get back to being match fit.

You have been doing AWESOME and there is nothing like having a willing partner to help you through.


Mark Krusen said...


You said "reorder my diet" what diet are you on. I'm always open to new ways to manage what I eat. How much do the gyms cost? Is that Cairo? As in Egypt?

Forest said...

Oh it has no structure right now... been eating out unhealthily but healthy at home but with random cola's and chocolate here and there... Just needs to be structured again.

Yep Cairo Egypt, my local gym is $100(US) per month... So home workout is the best choice for me.

Mark Krusen said...

Ouch $100.00 a month is a a lot. What does that come with hot and cold running women? Momma and I pay $49.00 per month for both of us and we have that locked in for life.