Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gym

I'm finally going to head back to the gym tonight. That's why I took Cindy to work this morning so we could go together tonight. I haven't worked out since last Thursday night. The bleeding finally stopped  when I pee. (I know to much information) I took my first Arthrotec this morning so all my sore joints from the Arthritis ought to start loosing up in the next day or so. I'm not going to work out in the gym. I'm going to swim some laps in the pool and sit in the Jacuzzi. I don't want to Jar anything  for another day or so. I really miss being able to beat my body up. lol.image


Here's a picture thimageat is similar to the rowing machine at the gym. I do a minimum of ten minutes. My best so far is 20 minutes. The other one is the Recumbent bike. I've done an hour on that. I usually do 5 miles though. These two machines are ones that I can work out on because I'm sitting down and they don't put pressure on my knee and back. These are pretty much what I've used to get up to the 67lbs I've lost so far. I do some strength training to try to build up some lean muscle but I've mainly been focusing on Cardio.







I drove around to some nice neighborhoods on my way back from dropping Cindy at work this morning. Our next project is going to be some Landscaping and maybe putting a sidewalk in. Those are a next year at the earliest kind of thing. Also in the conversation is a 2 and a half car garage. We've been him and hawing about this for a while now. We like to pay as we go on these projects as we just don't like debt. We paid cash for the new front porch. The only thing we still owe on are the house(That will last forever) and about $5,000 left on Cindy's car. We could have paid in off when we got it, but we added extended warranties,maintenance packages and just about what ever else they were selling us. The interest rate is only 3.5%. Heck there aren't to many investments paying that now, so we don't feel to bad carrying that note for a year or so to build savings back up.


Here's a picture of something like what I would like to do to the front.image I got this picture off of Google Images. I haven't shown it to Cindy yet so if she doesn't like it then we go to plan B.

Indy is outside getting his haircut as we speak. It's kind of nice. Andrea (his haircut lady) has a Truck that she has converted into a mobile haircutting studio. She drives up, comes to the door and gets the pooch. After she's done she walks him up to the door. This cost $60.48 which I don't think is to bad. She comes about every 6 weeks. I'll try to put a picture of the truck up tomorrow.100_0753


Stephany said...

That will be a nice sidewalk entry. I always liked those walkways where people use that form, to create a cobblestone look from cement. That, and an arbor to walk underneath.

Great that you found a couple of pieces of equipment to use, to get in shape and not pressure the knee. 67 lbs is quite impressive! WOW

Mark Krusen said...

I've been driving around quite a bit on my way to or from the gym. I've seen a lot like this. It's just a matter of how much right.

The weight loss feels good because I've been heavy for so long and I have some relatives that have been alluding to my size from time to time. I believe I'm smaller then them now. I'm going to be able to sneak up on them because they won't recognize me.

Ana said...

Hi Mark!
I'm glad to know you are back. :)
your baby looks so much like mine!
Love, Ana

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Ana. How have you been?