Monday, May 24, 2010



I had a pretty busy day today. I went to the gym at about 9:15 with plans to bike for 5 miles then work on the weights for a while before getting a shower and being at the Chiropractor's office by 11:00. Well a friend from a church I used to attend (Back when I did that) was there and we got to talking while I was still biking. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was on the bike for 41 minutes. I didn't have time to do a proper work out on the machines so I jumped in the Jacuzzi took a shower and made it to the Chiro with 10 min to spare.

Speaking of the Chiro. My left leg was quite a bit shorter than my right this time. Last time they were pretty much even. I could have told him with out him checking as my right hamstring has really felt tight. It must be compensating for the difference in length. I'm having all the pain in the right side of my hip now. I have to come up with an exercise that will stretch out my back on that side now.

I'm down to 246.4 as of my last weigh in on Saturday. I'm doing pretty good so far this week to. It's lower than that now but I'll wait to Saturday to officially weigh in.

I've been having some manic symptoms the last few weeks. Nothing that last very long but I can feel my self sort of losing it from time to time. I had a little bit of a Spiritual component last week to. I need to keep an eye on things and not let them go to far. Last time I went manic it cost us $107,000 for a new house. About the only project I'm working on money wise now is maybe getting a new 2 car garage. We got an estimate today. $19,500. That's kind of steep. I'll talk to a few banks and our credit union but I don't think we'll be able to do it. We don't really want to go into any more debt right now. The House is enough.


image I mowed the lawn again today. I just mowed it Friday but it needed it again already. It looks pretty good it took a lot out of me to do it. It's amazing how whipped I get even though most of what I do is on my riding mower. I can hardly walk after being on that thing for two hours.image This is what my Tractor really looks like. That seat isn't very comfortable after being on it for two hours. It hurts a lot but has to be done, so I just suck it up and use the heating pad when I'm done.

Cindy covered our adventures of being Grandpa and Gramma this weekend on her blog if you want to go over there and read it.Momma's site


Stan said...

Oh yes Mark, definitely an accurate depiction of you in that picture lol....Though now that you are down to your optimum diaper weight, have that pineapple shaped and sized prostrate under control, it's time to get your "low T" checked and perk up those man boobs lol....

Now if your wondering what "low T" really is, you'll have to stop by my blog and become an informed consumer.

Mark Krusen said...

I don't dare come over to check but here goes nothing.

Stephany said...

Funny as hell, that post of Stan's.

Glad you are A-OK in the medical check-up department!

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah he hasn't lost his touch has he?

Stephany said...

Not at all, in fact we should watch out, in case he brings those old photos of us back to the top again. LOL!

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah I've got some good pictures of him hanging around still. Lol!!