Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Sunday musings.


I was watching the Yankee game on Saturday. I gave up on them when it was 20-2 Cleveland leading in the 5th. I'll try watching the game on Sunday. The ball seems to just fly out of the New Yankee stadium. All you have to do is get it up in the air in right field and it's a home run.

Some of you may have noticed Stan from Somethings not quite right with Stan fame is on my sidebar again. He has finally started writing some content that is worth reading. Not that the Mental health field isn't worth reading but their are those that do it better. His babbling and incoherent ramblings are best left to the write about nothing genre of which I'm an expert in myself. His expertise is in going on other peoples blogs and leaving long rambling comments where no two thoughts make sense. Welcome back Stan.

Momma put two spot lights that are charged by the sun out in the flower garden that has the sign to our little community here. I may have told you in a previous post that we have sort of adopted taking care of the sign. Indy & I took a little walk around the yard tonight and checked the lights out. They look pretty good. That's another thing I'll have to take a picture of.{Notice when I say I when work is involved,  I means Cindy} We did our clean up the yard from winter stuff today. Cindy had to do a lot of the bull work because of my on going problems with my leg and hip. I was able to help some though. I drained the gas in the snow blower and put it away for the summer and got the riding mower ready for the season. I  might have to mow in the next week or so, the way the grass is growing.

I'm out of the Meat sauce for Hot dogs that I got at M&M Hot's in Elmira, Ny. last time I went down to see my mother. My mother doesn't read this blog so maybe I can sneak in on her in the next week or so. It's a 4 hour round trip so I don't get down there much.

I'm going to end my post today with some full discloser. On the weight loss front I have gained 4 lbs from the 292 that I started at. This should tell you where I am mentally right now. My gung ho attitude of going to the gym is gone. The physical limitations are just more than I can deal with. They're not in my head they are real and it really has me down. I'm sitting around and eating with no physical activity it doesn't take much to see where that is headed does it? I'm just not sure what to do to turn it around. I'm getting all kinds of advice from those that care about me. It just isn't getting to me. I'm not one to quit but it sure feels like that Is what I'm doing on this one.


Ana said...

I'm sure you don't give up easily.
I don't know. Perhaps you're having difficulties in dealing with some changes in your life such as employment, the physical limitation, having to exercise and change eating habits.
This is too much!
Perhaps you need a little time to put your emotions working this way.
Don't be hard on yourself.

Stan said...

Dearest Blabber King and Whine Master:

First off, I would like to send nice Hat tip for my favorite Nancy Boy and liberal loving stooge. It always warms the cockles of my Gizzard to hear you speak highly of my verbal rants and writings that lead no where and say nothing until you wake up three days later in cold sweats from the bad dreams.

I would say it is nice to get back in the ring with you; but it would be more appropriate to say Orca Whale pool, or the Obubba holding tank. {LMAO}

Quote "My gung ho attitude of going to the gym is gone. The physical limitations are just more than I can deal with."

Just maybe you are looking at this situation from the wrong angle and perspective. Those physical limitations and injury are just what they are. None of that is going to change dramatically over night or anytime soon to be realiistic.

So how about accepting and embracing those limits for what they are, and then moving on from that point with some lower expectations and changes that are part of Higher Quality Life Style.

Instead of making changes that become overwhelming and wear you down in frustration (which also fuel the depression and anxiety).

The key here (just in a humble opinion) might be to make smaller changes that reap rewards and success. The specific changes and obstacles you choose are part of the journey you'll need to take and decide upon. But if you point at challenges that are obtainable and give you victory's, then those experiences become the building blocks of a foundation to can start to obtain larger and more lofty goals from. This can become a cycle that goes on and on and so forth until you drop dead from literal Gay {as in Happy} exhaustion. {Serenity Now!! Serenity Now!! LMAO}

Anywise, just a little low calorie low carb, food for thought; but then I realize Thunking ain't one of your strong points; so you better take it real SLOW in that area and department (maybe try Nancy Pepsi-Libs new Obubba pink pop up book for the politically stupid and socialist morons). {Laughing}

Now put down your weepy towel, pull up those Super Depends for the inactive adult, and set the Sequin blue man-purth to the side for a moment, and start living the dream damn it.

If "Life" is the most grand and precious of all gifts; then the least we can do is open the damned package and start living it with some enthusiasm and thankfulness.

Your bloggery pal and nemesis,


Stephany said...

Advice doesn't work, it's what we decide to do to take action is the only way.

When I started losing weight 3 yrs ago, I had gained far too much from stress and not being out of a vehicle, driving hundreds of miles to hospitals, etc. I shifted...shifted the way I ate. The word "shift" helped me immensely, because it isn't all that much we have to CHANGE. Just SHIFT a bit. (have a piece of pie, just not 2 pieces, etc.)

Small things, like paying attention to how I was eating, (meaning no more fast food at all)and adding in more (painful to read, I know)veggies and fruit.

Mostly for me, it's the carbs, as in I really gain weight if that category is higher than protein and others.

So, it's getting in touch with yourself, and taking it from there. I did no exercise on purpose until you've seen me write about the walks. I would pace in my woods, and all, but nothing like now. I still lost, as a matter of fact in 3 years its 70 lbs. just from shifting how i ate.

I didn't pressure myself to be "on a diet". I just calmly watched how I ate.

I am going to give you a guilt trip: don't buy the meat sauce.

It's amazing how little things add up to make weight gain. (and as me with cheese danish, I bet you eat more than one hot dog, with gusto covered in that sauce...damn it i want one now)

OK--now that I have given advice you won't pay attention to, I will say also, that you can weight lift in a chair, with soup cans! turn on music, and go crazy moving anything you can...arms,'s aerobic and WILL burn calories and get your heart rate up.

Mark, when I was in bankruptcy prep last year at this time of year...I went to the PCP and she was worried I would have a heart attack. I remained diligent with my (more salad and veggies on my plate than other food, plus salmon or chicken)eating, and most of all, I had to stop and really see the big picture.(even more)

I'm 49 and if I don't gain control now, I never will.

I have done the soup can exercises, I've limped and sobbed and (last night was awful)dealt with leg cramps and pain that makes me want to give the hell up.

But I can't.

Now about Stan. What to do with him? it suddenly makes me want to sing "about maria" from sound of music. LOL

What he writes makes me laugh so I must be as twisted as that redneck beer-drinking hobo.



Mark Krusen said...

You have won the commenter of the day award. Those other two meanies Stephany and Stan either picked on me or put expectations on me. Can you believe that Stephany wants me to forgo Meat Sauce. She quote "put me on a guilt trip".And that damn Stan actually has some good advice too.

I've read what you wrote and I think it has given me "food" for thought. See there I go talking about food. Seriously, Stephany I know your right. Portion control is the key. Especially for me as I notice when I eat to much but not till after the fact. That's somewhere I'm going to start. But can't I have my meat sauce pretty please.


You better not jump in the Orca tank with me. There are Vienna sausage loving fish in the tank and you would be at risk.I won't elaborate. You too,Give some good advice. I'll work on some small changes.

Stephany said...

Yes, buy the meat sauce, send me some too and then we will burn your welcome mat you rolled out for stan, did you notice i'm a target of paste and cut in his election photo? honestly, at least he could have got it right, and put me in the BIG elect for president slot!

here's are code for secret plotting: "stan's loose" LOL

Mark Krusen said...


That meat sauce is to die for. I'll cut back on what I eat with it. I did start tonight by cutting my portions at dinner. I'm going to follow your guys advice and take baby steps for little victories.

Speaking of little victories be sure to check tomorrows post. I'm dedicating some of it to Stanley. It's only fair after all the attention he is showing us. Don't you think?

Stan said...

Krusen sounds ready to rumble {Laughing}

Stephany said...

Yes, celebrate the victories! I look forward to your post, yes, by all means it's true friends who reciprocate good deeds, or somehting like that LOL

I laugh everytime i see your and my face in that fur coat though. LOL!