Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Day!

Stan wasn't to happy when he found out I outed him and Harry Reid. Let's just say he was Green with envy. I'm still recuperating at an undisclosed location from the malicious and unfounded attacks from him in his last few post. Just to show Iimage      don't harbor any ill will towards him notice the picture of me making a speech on his behalf. I don't often dress up as I'm not comfortable in a suit and tie. This picture of me was addressing the home owner association at the park he lives in. You'll notice I'm exhorting the crowd here not to take Stan seriously. He really can't help himself. I think I've talked them into not kicking him out for now. His rent is going to go up though, from $10.00 a month up to $20.00 as they have to pay people to come in and clean up the bottles he throws around. Stan if you read this. This is the last time I can fly out to the left coast and bail you out. Your on your own after this buddy.





Today was a busy day for me. I had to meet the Workmans compensation insurance rep. He had about 4 or 5 jobs that he pulled up from various computer sites. He wants me to check them out. They are everything from dispatching to being an Instructor for Tractor Trailer students at Boce's in Oswego county. I'll chase down some of the leads tomorrow and see if any of them pan out. I'd really much rather go to Vesd, which is a place where I can retrain for something else. I also got to see my Chiropractor today. He had to do an extra adjustment on me today.Because I had a spasm farther up my back. My legs were even before he did the adjustment. After he did it my left leg was shorter again so he did the normal adjustment so now I'm back in line for now. After that I had to go out and see my Social worker Len. We had a nice discussion about some direction I can take. It requires me to step out of the comfort zone I've been in. It's not as if this has been real comfortable. The Wellbutrin in keeping me just this side of being really depressed. I think another thing keeping me going is looking over my shoulder for Stan's next barrage. I've noticed a white van going by the house really slow lately. It's probably Stan and the Penguins looking for another shot like This .

How about those Ny Yankees. They played a 14 inning game tonight and won in the bottom of the 14th with a walk off two run homer. They next play on Friday in Boston. Speaking of good weather by Friday and Saturday here in Central New York it's supposed to get up to 80. It's about time. That means I'll have to probably mow this weekend  because the grass is growing pretty quick.


Stephany said...

wow i suspected stan was the incredible hunk lol

Stan said...

Dearest Mark "Billy Bob Clinton" Krusen:

Thank you so much for all your liberal pansy help in getting my rent doubled! Who the heck do you think you are damn it? Premiere Obubba or speaker Nancy Pepsi-Lib Streisand!

Do you realize that is a whole case of Boone's Farm wine less each mouth! This is just ^&R^&%$&%$^& and that's not even the half of it, dag nab it Wabbit.

I'm so angry now I could just sing out loud "I'm so pretty, I'm so pretty, so damned pretty by farrrrrrr".

So out of spite and revenge, I have given the Penguin's the Green Light to do what ever they want to you {and they are some demented, twisted, and evil little bastards too} once they get your useless carcass loaded in the back of that Van.

You didn't happen to notice or see a fork-lift parked close to your yard? Sometimes they disguise it as a rutting moose in heat to give you a heads up, some little fore warning, and not a chance in hell of escaping. {laughing}

Speaking of green, that color goes really nice with the envy you appear to be having over seeing my fine and leaning to the right single wide trailer.

Anywise, I know you need to go shop lift a jar or two of your favorite meat sauce and then measure your legs to see which trunk/stump would look good in an nice carved oak replacement.

There you go!!! Light Bulb Moment!!

Your new employment opportunity just rang it's bell right there next to your outhouse. You can pick up and move to Somalia; where you will become "Captain Crunch" One legged gimpy pirate of the high seas.

Don't thank me now, but a small offering of what ever you plunder or reap from your pirate adventures will be accepted in gratitude for my brilliant ideas and career motivational inspiration.

As always, your pal and nemosis,


Mark Krusen said...

I'm beginning to think more and more that you and Stan may be room mates. You sure do defend him an awful lot. Maybe we'll have to up the surveillance on you.

I see your starting to wear down Trailer Park Barbie. She has been ill. Could she have that disease Stanosis of the mind. It can only be cured by Antibiotics and a two or three day delousing regimen at home.

I fortunately have been supplied with the antidote.{It can be purchased at Rite Aid here in the Syracuse area} it cost $340 for a months supply but is well worth the expense in my book.

So sticks and stones may break...

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark!!!! Just wanted you to know that (as always), I appreciate your comment on my blog. I've been really busy and haven't had the time to respond properly. But, my friend, I will!

Stephany said...

LOL Stanosis of the mind! haha

Stephany said...

did you see what he has done!

Stephany said...

are you laughing at my vacation photos?! LOL LOL see what a little walking can do? hahahahha

Mark Krusen said...

Your boyfriend Stan is on the edge. They are very good vacation photo's of you though.

Stephany said...

well thanks, i think