Saturday, April 25, 2009

Because You came by today.

                 image   Ok so this is what it looks like when you hit a game winning home run in the bottom of the 11th to beat my team. Yeah the Yankees left 18 runners in scoring position last night. We {as if I was on the team} blew it last night. Not only did we lose the game. We lost it in style, blowing a two run lead in the bottom of the 9th. I hate when that happens. It's a long season but things are not stacking up to well with us so far. Some injuries are starting to rear their ugly heads. Enough about the Yankees. I know you don't come to this blog to get your sports scores. Why do you come to this blog anyway? Why do I even blog? Hmmm. These are questions that I ask myself everyday. I average about 12 readers a day. Many of you come back quite often and check in on me. I really do appreciate it. Yet at the same time I feel a responsibility to try to come up with some worthwhile content to read. It's kind of tough when all I can do is hang around the house. I keep coming back hoping for an epiphany.

I thought I'd share with you some of the sites I go on,on pretty much on a daily basis. Some of them may not surprise you. These are RSS feeds that I signed up to to be notified when they post or ones I've just stumbled upon and liked.One of the ones that I like to read the most along with the comments is Trucker James. I think I like it because I can remind myself why I'm glad I'm not on the road every day.

Another one I like to read just because is, The Poor Farm I don't know why I like this one I just do. Maybe it's because he attacks Barrack Nobama. No wait dammit. It isn't attacking if it's true. Maybe it's just because he has an interesting way at looking at things.

The last one I'll send you over to read if your so inclined is The Simple Dollar in the Header on his blog it says "Financial talk for the rest of us". He has over 58,000 people that subscribe to his blog. Every post usually has some good advice in it.

As I finish typing this the Yankees and Redsox are playing again. We{there I go with that we again} we're leading 6-0 at one point it's now the top of the 8th and the Redsox are leading 12-10. Yuck

100_2683 I'll close with this picture that Momma took of the Sign she worked on today. She put four bags of mulch down and some Pansies {that we named Stanley} for obvious reasons. Some Merigolds and some tulips. Look at that big ass lawn I'm going to have to mow soon. See that door on the side of the house? We're thinking of putting a deck on the side of it that would run around to the back where there is a sliding door.


Stephany said...

Great landscaping Cindy! Mark, how can you complain, you have a riding lawn,mower! just kidding due to jealously. lol

why do you blog? well it's a good little hobby, and believe it or not writing about nothing is interesting, and actually a diversion! look at Seinfeld!

i think writing rambles about the pets, etc are good topics, you have more to say than you think.

of course, we know stan will come here and leave a 32 page manifesto so we look forward to the comment section fights that break out. nothing like baseball season! lol

seriously, i am such a dull boring person that stan stumps me every time. not kidding, speechless.

what was dinner? i'm baking a grocery store pizza that has rising crust, i added extra garlic and parmesean.

Mark Krusen said...

You are not dull and boring. I like the way you attack big Pharma.I also enjoy when you discuss your visit with your daughter.

Dinner tonight for us was Goulash,salad{blue cheese dressing) and Fresh French vanilla coffee.

How are those store bought pizzas when you add the extra stuff to them?

Stephany said...

i love blue cheese dressing. i've made goulash before w noodles and stuff, i wonder if it's the same thing, hamburger, canned tomatos, black olives, garlic, corn and melted cheese on top.

i think i like talking about food lol

the check is in the mail for saying i'm not boring LOL

Mark Krusen said...

Can we gain weight talking about food? I hope not.

Black olives in the Goulash sounds good. I'll have to put a bug in Cindy's ear and see if she'll try it that way.

As far as the check being in the mail... Normally I would accept a check from you. However the fact that I know that you read that subversive left leaning rag written by the Master of Disaster {aka Stan} prompts me to only accept cash or a money order.

Ana said...

I loved the sign.
Dieting is thinking about eating and restraining from eating the whole day.
It's hard but sometimes necessary, Mark.
Have a nice Sunday!

Mark Krusen said...

You have a nice Sunday too.

Stephany said...

if she does, it's an 8 oz can of sliced black olives, (or more).

what's for breakfast? lol

Stephany said...

you know i think we should get a bouquet of flowers photo instead of a baseball team for coming by.

just my opinion LOL

Stan said...

Dear Beadlebobb Krusen:

No wonder you have prolonged depression, your a damned Yankee fan.

Maybe you need to try on some of those Red-Sox and enjoy a little scampering around in the sunshine; while feeling the joy of winning once in a while. {laughing}

Your helpful Pal and nemesis,

Mark Krusen said...


I'd put a picture of tulips on here but I'm a little worried that Stan might tip toe through them, If you know what I mean?

Mark Krusen said...


I think your right. I might have to start wearing a paper bag when I watch the games.

Stephany said...

have you seen herrad's lovely description of our favorite pengiun loving rambler?

"You are however much too modest for a man of your talents which sparkle like jewels in the treasure chest that is Stan."

Mark Krusen said...

Some people like Chocolate Ice cream, some people like Vanilla.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your tean didnt win!!! ):
But mine did!!!! (:
No offence!!!!!!!!!!!!