Monday, April 20, 2009

My Friend Stan.

image I've gotten numerous emails from people wanting to see a picture of Stan. This is one that we got from the surveillance photo's taken as Stan gets ready to go back inside to do a post. I believe this is one that shows him talking to Harry Reid. Stan is a professional at diversionary tactics and is very good at deflecting attention from himself to others.{An example of this is these pictures. He is trying to represent them as someone elses when in fact they are of him} He is considered to be harmless though. His neighbors as seen in the photo below tells us that he can often be heard long into the night shouting out "I feel Pretty" as he tosses his bottles of empty  Boones Farm Apple wine out his front door. It turns out that this picture is not of Stan at his own trailer but is in fact the one that Nancy Pelosi and he share on weekends.Stans trailer that Him and Harry Reid share is the one on the Far Left. In fact it seems that everything that Stan does comes from the Far left. I expect any day now to have him announce on his blog that he has joined the Nobama administration. I believe he's up for a position as the Czar of Bazaar. He has my vote.



On a serious note for a minute. Stephany has a post on big Pharma playing their games again. It's amazing how she is able to keep up on these guys. She is very good at finding these articles. You can check out her post Here. She is constantly being monitored by these guys and continues to attack. It's amazing the power you have when you use the truth as your guide.

Now back to Stan. Naw, never mind. I'll save more for later. You can be sure that he will come back at me with guns a roaring over this exposure. I wasn't going to post these pictures of Stan but I found it necessary after checking out his recent attack on me. It can be found at that left leaning rag authored by the one and only Stan.

Speaking of the Ny York Yankees. I proved once again I am a fair weather fan. Yesterday I gave up on them when they we're down 3-1 in the 5th inning or so. Actually I kept falling asleep in the recliner,so I turned off the tv and went in for a nap that turned into about a 3 hour snooze. The by product of that is I'm up this morning at 3:30 finishing up this post.


Stan said...

Dearest Krusen Ballerina with the Pink Toto going on:

This post obviously was a manifestation of some deep seeded issues that will take years of psychoanalysis with Dr. Spankinstien to unravel.

Yet, in spite of the hurdles that lay before your unsavory and demented future journey. I in the spirit of Friendship and with keeping with the pledge I made in the PETA creed; will attempt to be kind to BIG Dumb Blubbering animals as in Mr. Krusen.

Let us start with a simple vocabulary lesson and then move up the food chain to other more complex and pressing issues before you.

Liberal should not be confused with liberty

Liberal = A philosophical endeavor where those of inane traits of decay cause irreversible deliverance of conduct causing society to trash all moral standards of upper cognitive thinking or ethical decency in the name and pursuit of the so common called Godless common good.

Liberty = this is a code of individual responsibility that has been manifested through the development of constitutional principles derived from basic Jeddah Christian Doctrines of biblical wisdom and beliefs {example - Ten Commandments}.

These very principles allow eating indiscernible amounts of secret “Krusen” artery clogging meat sauce and corn dogs without the fear of retribution from governmental bodies or their representatives { though major heart attack, stroke, other negative cardiac events leading to death are the most immediate concern in these particular circumstances}.

This right of governance and self determination has allowed you the freedom to roam endlessly throughout the greater New York area without being hunted down like the rabid man-purth toting dog you are; and imprisoned for even your farfetched, irreprehensible, sick and twisted gravity challenged irresponsible conduct and actions.

Harry Reid = This refers to those who choose to dawn a heavy beard or mustache while participating in the artistic expression of using various woodwind instruments in the process of demonstrating musical prowess and this distinction of melody and sound.

This may also refer a dirty slang word: identifying those of the Far Left Panty Waist Political Party; as you personally have demonstrated through your adherent actions of countless debaucheries inclinations and strident behavioral instability.


Though recently you have demonstrating a deep disconcerting yearn and desire to search the Internet for pictures of naked men sitting on toilets {as they say; “Whatever floats your boat”}; I personally believe with some reservations that through the therapeutic process of brain washing, water boarding, and with an estimated 500 high voltage ECT treatments; you’ll be back on the couch whining and weeping away as usual.

Please, no need to thank me for this eye opening and philanthropic message of hope and enlightenment.

Just seeing you make small strides of progress and the entertainment value of your prolonged suffering is enough.

Your concerned friend and nemesis,


Mark Krusen said...

I have been laughing my ass off. Look at the ads that Google has chosen to put on this post. Stan must have had something to do with this. I don't pay much attention to the ads as I'm not in this for any money. Good thing huh. I'm going to have to try to delete these ads as I don't want them pushing their agenda on this blog.

Stephany said...

The Czar of Bizarre LOL

Yeah google matches ads up with the blog content, i guess they don't have ads for redneck beer.


Stephany said...

PS have you seen the addendum, on stan's post? i think cindy broke out the family secret album and sent it to stan. LOL

Stephany said...

PS and thanks for the link!

susan said...

I am behind on reading my favorite blogs- and just saw that photo. ...laughing so hard blowing tea on my laptop!

That is priceless, but I cannot help but noting, there is no TP in the picture! Does Stan use leaves?

Ah my beloved Yankees. They blew it when they put up the new stadium. The ghosts of Babe Ruth, DiMaggio, Gehrig, et al cursed that new stadium.

They would have been better off to hire George Constanza instead of Steinbrenner Jr.

How is Imus?

Mark Krusen said...

I agree with you on the Yankee assessment. 1.3 billion dollars for a baseball stadium. That's a lot of money. Imus is as frisky as ever. Him and Indy fight like a couple of kids.

As for Stan he must just stand up and walk away. Ewwwwwwww!!!!!