Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm justa sayin!

Ok,we've had this Tea party,Now what? Let's take it to the voting booth next time. Vote out every{as in EVERY} one of the incumbents. I don't care what good you've thought they've done. Let's send a real message to Washington. It's time we stepped up to the plate and made them listen. There. That is my political rant for the day. That didn't hurt a bit did it?

Speaking of not hurting a bit. I got the report back from the 2nd opinion of the Chiro in my Chiro's office. Besides saying in it that I was moderately obese... {Well at least it wasn't Morbidly yet} he agrees with my Chiro's assessment. Permanently Partially disabled. With a recommendation that I shouldn't have a job that keeps me on my feet for more than 20 or 30 minutes. I actually can't stand that long. I tried to rake up the winter driveway stuff I mentioned in yesterdays post. All I could manage was to rake it into piles in one area that needed it. I guess that will have to move over to Cindy's to do list. Her list is quite a bit longer than mine.

Now wait a minute. How can this  happen? I can't even get 4 or 5 numbers right. The most I've ever had on one ticket is 3 numbers. I know I probably shouldn't play the lottery at all. I wouldn't,however it's my retirement plan. The other one I had going didn't work out to well, if you know what I mean? Am I good at digging up useless information or what? Hell maybe I could be a writer for one of these Liberal rags.Speaking of Liberal rags and useless information. I wonder how Stan is doing?

Have you noticed how they say gas is going to stay cheap for the summer? The are calling $2.35 a gal cheap. Heck cheap to me would be $0.35 cents a gal. The last time it was that cheap was in 1958. Those were the good ole days weren't they? I must just be a dinosaur. I'm from the day when being gay meant being happy. Now it means getting married. Oops did I say that out loud? Yeah our Governor is going to propose legalizing gay marriage. I think the best answer to this is what I read in one of the comments on a news article about this in our local paper, where someone said "let them get married, there's no reason why they shouldn't suffer like the rest of us". That will teach them. You have to be careful for what you ask for.


Stan said...

Dearest Blathering old fart:

You couldn't just come out and say you missed me {Laughing}. No hug, ass kiss, or nothing.

You must have forgotten that this tea party concept wasn't about getting your frilly lace undies in a bunch and your best pot pie attire on. Heck, I bet you even bathed and got shaved.{LMAO}

Good thing they are going to pass gay marriage in your neck of the woods. Though I have to believe Gay and marriage are a juxtaposition of intent and terms.

But what the heck; if people want to marry farm animals, why not throw caution to the wind and have at it. Premiere Obubba says its OK, I guess that's good enough for God.

Of course they will have to make alterations to all those damned handicapped parking spaces and such; to allow for the unloading of cows, sheep, and whatever other beast ganders your fancy.

Speaking of Nancy and beast, how is your hug buddy Pepsi-Lib doing? She enjoy your little whining tea party with those Fancy-Nancy Liberal Nut cookies you baked?

OK, I will try to stay away from commenting about your little winky kinky dinky for now. I mean in the spirit of Gay rights and such. {Laughing}

Your Un-loyal reader and ever present nightmire,


Mark Krusen said...

Well, well, well. Pretty deep huh?
Welcome back!

I see you haven't changed your ways. You're still blathering on like you're at an Alex Baldwin cross dressing convention. Are you still an honorary member of the Al Franken steals an election committee?

I'm scared to death. Now that our fine state may accept your's and Harry Reid's nuptials, does that mean you'll be moving out here?

Speaking of being a pain in the ass. I see that you've been taking up valuable commenting space at TPB's blog. What did she ever do to deserve that? {grinning}

One question for you, what is a nightmire? Is that one of those little diddy's that you and Harry share as you spoon in the back of your 1963 Volkswagen bus? {laughing uproariously}

With all the respect you deserve,

Stephany said...

oh boy, let the feathers fly LOL LOL he who wins the blue sequin purse wins. LOL

Mark Krusen said...



preciousrock said...

Wow! You are full of vim and vinegar these days. Guess that Tea party got you all fired up.

Mark Krusen said...


Not really. I just had a burst of energy. I'll go back into hibernation soon. Have you been over to Stan's blog and seen that picture of him sitting on the can? I always wondered what he looked like.

Stan said...

Dearest Maid of Honor aka Grumpy Old Fart:

I was surprised and filled with great joy to hear that Nancy Pepsi-Lib and Barbara Streisand have selected you to be the maid of Honor at their soon to be announced NY wedding.

I understand through the grapevine that Premiere Obubba himself will be there skipping down the isle with you.

This is absolutely your dream day come true; you big old government loving pinko communist anarchist. {I believe this occasion calls for your push up and separate lacy man bra; Ya Think! Whoops, Thinkin ain't your strong suit I know LAUGHING}

The confirmed rumor is that you will really have to DOLL up {No, not your sheepish rubber love doll silly) this time around anywise.

Word from the King's White House is that you will be expected to design another sequin man-purth for this special engagement.{it appears you have made the BIG time Craggie old fart}

The dress you'll be wearing was donated by AZ; so you will definitely make a advertising and fashion statement all in one fine swoop with that "Seroquel" Logo plastered/embroidered across your posterior. {Now that's one huge drive by Bill-Board LMAO}

I can only hope you can get clearance from your Family Witch Doctor friend to wear those six inch heeled pumps they have requested?

This will be more of a Hoot and Fun than your little snip from the Liberal Cup of poison tea party you held on "I don't pay taxes day".

So since I'm now a guest Commentary "Star" on TPB's Blog.

When are you coming over for some Good Old Fashion midget tossing, moonshine drinkin, pig wrestling, and a mud bogging celebratory experiences?

As always that renowned voice of true sanity and intellectual reasoning,


Stephany said...

hey Pfizer has viagra logo boxers you guys might want to hand out at the wedding for party favors